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Zen interior design for living room: why this is important?

Good morning my dear friends, today I decided to write about positive energy for our happy place. Yes, I am yesterday repost again what I wrote about Feng Shui and that Chi. But, today, you can learn about. Zen interior design for living room: why this is important?

What is exactly a Zen interior design?

 Zen design embodies this minimalist philosophy, making use of natural materials, patterns of light and space, and a near-monastic rejection of clutter. For a start, Asian zen is all about minimalism. There are no excessive decorations or intricate ornaments serving that are there to make the room prettier.

The first and most important thing you should achieve is the openness of space. This doesn’t necessarily have to involve tearing down walls. So, this is very important to know. Because this open space is for relaxing yourself.

What you should to know, look in down below list

  • FlowSetting energy free in space means removing all obstacles. You can’t tear down all your walls, but you can envision your home as a flow of clear water;
  • ColorThe colors revealed by the light you invite into your home are most restful and harmonious when they’re as natural as sunlight. Bamboo, stone, or stripped plank floors; matte white or soft neutral walls;
  • StorageStorage is crucial to living with Zen style in the 21st century. Maybe you can’t do without the flat screen, the sound system. But you need a place to store all these things that you use in your life;
  • VersatilityEvery part of your furniture is folded and transformed into the parts you need. For smaller spaces, this type of folding furniture is ideal, especially as it maintains Zen energy.
You just reading a very great post: Zen interior design for living room: why this is important?

As you have seen in all these pictures, gentle base colors predominate. And what every room has is a green plant that with all the elements realizes Zen. For those of us who work, who are busy every day, we really need a happy place. And a happy place is a place that is filled with pure energy.

Also, what is Zen is Wabi-Sabi interior design. I written before two months. So, if you really want to learn something more about Wabi-Sabi click here.

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese term that essentially means finding beauty in imperfection. Wabi refers to living with humility and simplicity while being at one with nature. While Sabi is defined as the ability to accept the lifecycle of anything as it is—flaws and all. 

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