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Why we love the Farmhouse style, and why we need it?!

Good morning my dear friends, my dear readers! Today, I want to share with you very great tips and tricks. About this very simple but very warmer interior style. Every one of us has just one part in our room this style and you maybe don’t know?! So, my title is: Why we love the Farmhouse style, and why we need it?!

What you don’t know about the Farmhouse style?

In the first part, I am writing to you about mixing various patterns. That belongs to this style without you knowing it.

What I write to you about all the time is that you never focus on one style. Always combine more than one style, because stick to those styles that are easy to combine.
Why we love the Farmhouse

What you all probably know is that with this style, natural colors mostly prevail. Homeowners often apply and stick to those colors. The most beautiful color tones are of course earth tones, which are most often applied in dining rooms, kitchens.

Which style is better for your Farmhouse style for the combine?

Why we love the Farmhouse

This is what a combination of Scandinavian style combined with our current style looks like.

This is how look like when you combine Farmhouse with Shabby chic. All those who enjoy Shabby chic or Retro style. Know that it is wonderful when you put those wonderful covers with steering wheels. So this style is so wonderful. But on the other hand simple that you will want to make your dining room just like that.

Here as you can see, this is combination of Farmhouse and Shabby chic.

As you can see in the picture from @dom_je_tamo_gdje_smo_mi here she is currently choosing cool colors. And of course, there is a combination, white walls, wooden furniture, curtains.

This is so amazing 😀

Now it’s time for bathrooms…

Wood combined with porcelain not only works in our present style. Already, it allows you to have a beautiful but also functional place in your bathroom. Today it is very popular, almost everyone wants to have one sink like this.

Farmhouse decorating is a style that is warm, cozy, relaxing, and full of charm. Character while being organized around a central notion of practicality.

Of course what special I must point out that this year in this style. Colors that will mark this year for this style: gray, mint green, pink (pastel tones), white, black and earth colors.

You see I present to you mostly everything where there is floral decoration. Because as you could learn through my articles, the decoration is very important in the home. Whether it was a floral decoration or colors with which you will elevate the atmosphere of your home.

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