Why is the best Sacramento color for our living room

Hello my dear friends, my dear readers today we will talk about very luxurious colors. Yeah, as you can see my today’s topic is very greeny! So I decided to write about why is the best Sacramento green color for our living room?! And here today you can see more surprises, let’s start if you ready?! I love surprises, and you?!

Let’s find more about Sacramento green color, why is it the best?!

Why is the best Sacramento
Why is the best Sacramento

Have you ever wondered why someone’s living room looks like it’s a million dollars?! It is, isn’t it? And I wondered and then discovered one very interesting trick. With the help of this color that I am writing about today, you can also have a living room, or some other room worth a million dollars!

Why is the best Sacramento
But first, we will play one round of chess with KARE and win this incredible Gianna sofa for you! You just need to follow @kare_sarajevo

About color…

As a color, Sacramento green isn’t so easy to classify. It’s a darker and richer tone than teal, has more blue in it than emerald, and is significantly more saturated than a pine green. You should love these million-dollar colors.

This color is so luxurious in itself, so if you have large rooms it will ideally refresh your room. To make that when someone sees it for the first time it feels like it costs all the wealth of the world. The Sacramento color is so interesting that it evokes in us a feeling of happiness, of success.

This is very luxury sofa for every home. As you can see this is @mama_lana__ on this incredible Gianna sofa here in KARE shop in Sarajevo. As you can see, that this sofa is definitely for your home, so luxurious, and a wonderful color that sends those good vibes in the space.

The dark green velvet-looking blanket and fine proportions are the secrets of this elegant wonder upholstery on which you can elegantly relax with a number of comfortable pillows or lie down and enjoy. You must love this!

There is a wonderful velvet material that is so soft that when you sit or lie down you feel like you are on clouds. But I really say it honestly, you can also buy this sofa in the KARE shop and get a -20% discount before March 8th. Make yourself, your wife happy to enjoy this sofa together as a family.

Why is the best Sacramento
What is very important to mention is that you can choose this sofa for the left or right side. So it fits perfectly into your living room. Also here, you can read a bit more about the velvety material. Which I wrote about on my blog!

Except in emerald (to me the most beautiful color) you have in stock in a gray-beige combination. There are some other very interesting colors, which when you go to the KARE shop you can find a map with patterns, so I leave it to you to choose your combination.

Why is the best Sacramento

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