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Who is an incredible interior designer with great ideas

Hello, my dear friends! Today I want to present for you a very interesting interview with a great interior designer. My topic for today is: Who is an incredible interior designer with great ideas and projects. So, if you are ready for this interview, read carefully below a little more.

Who is designer Zinger, let’s meet her?!

  1. Describe yourself in 4 sentences and introduce yourself to my readers?!

Extremely disciplined and broad-minded. Always ready for all life’s challenges. I am an extremist and every day I am looking for new ways to improve myself, and thus the world around me. Everyday learning is like coffee to me – I don’t function without it, said interior designer Zerina Zinger.

Who is an incredible interior designer
Who is an incredible interior
This is just one of her projects!

Let’s talk about interior design projects and great ideas.

2. What is your favorite and most difficult project in your business?

My favorite: the house in Srebrenik that I am currently working on, and the most difficult is the same house because it is a very challenging project. If I could physically endure as before (not sleeping for 30 hours) I would probably just work even harder.

Who is an incredible interior
If you need interior designer, you can send email to her and make an appointment!

Each project is a lesson in itself and it has no copy-paste. Each client requires a special approach and has different problems to solve.

Time for a very interesting question, also more about this and other questions you will watch on my IGTV in 28. February!

We are talking something about health…

3. Can you tell us something about what is harmful to our health and very often we use / have it in our home without knowing it?

I want to mention that you are now quoting a great interview with Zerina Zinger, an interior designer!

Of course, I wouldn’t be Leo if I didn’t ask something related to what styles she likes in home decorating. About that a little later!

More about her projects, you can see here.

On the 3rd question, a young and very experienced interior designer will tell us on IGTV in seven days. But I will mention that this is mainly about the harmfulness that comes out of vinyl and plastic.

Her favorite professor who is always mentioned by Jill Eleazer Sokol passed on her love for “Healthcare design” and the moment she realized it was the most challenging to design, she immediately fell in love with it.

And she set out to explore. In her classes, they learned a lot about the harmfulness of materials, glues, and colors that evaporate over the years. These cause various health problems, Zinger said!

Quote for the end of this great interview…

This is one of her projects, for bathrooms, and we will talk about that in our IGTV interview.

4. I read a few days ago about harmful fumes from materials, can you tell us something about that as well?

In the USA, there is the term “SBS” – sick building syndrome, which means an area that is very harmful to our health. That’s why I always look at the origin of the material, the testing, the certificates, the health hazards, said our designer. More about this you can hear on our IGTV.

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This condo looks so great, I love condos!

In the end, this is what she said to you: “To die tomorrow, I will not be sorry because I have at least beautified and changed this world so much. As for my career, I will quote Zlatan Ibrahimovic: “I am just warming up!”.

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