Who are the beautiful travel and fashion blogger?!

Hello, dear friends. Today I want to share with you an amazing interview I did with an amazing and very beautiful fashion blogger. If you want to read more, be sure to go to Who are the most beautiful travel and fashion blogger. If you didn’t know her, now’s your chance to meet her.

Let’s meet this beautiful fashion blogger?!

Introduce yourself briefly, and try to describe yourself in 4 sentences? I know it’s hard!

Anđela Ćurčić, Master of Environmental Chemistry. English Lecturer, Fashion & Travel Blogger. Double Libra and Eternal Advocate for Justice. Charismatic, witty, critical, and not at all modest. I love to travel, other traditions, and unusual outfits.

This is Andjela Curcic, and you read: Who are the beautiful travel and fashion blogger?

What was your inspiration to start making interesting fashion videos?

I’d say I was among the first to launch fashion videos about two years ago. I remember the girls admiring how I managed to make such good transitions. So, I was inspired by travel, different cultures, architecture, and people.

Now everything has already been seen, every girl looks like each other. And what matters is that you always have your stamp. Something by which they will recognize you.

Who are the beautiful travel
Follow her on Instagram @andjela_curcic

I’m not saying that I invented it, but I inserted something of my own and that’s why I have so much support today because people feel when something is a copy.

What style of interior design do you like the most and why? Do I have to ask you this given that the interview is on one such blog?

Although I am all colorful, believe it or not, my room is minimalist. White-cream tones. In the middle of my room is a large stool. White furniture and vintage pieces. I love vintage. I have a gold-framed mirror as well as a tapestry painting.

There are also decorative candlesticks, vases, pampas.
For the kitchen, I would choose some pastel blue. But then, one day I’ll renovate just the way I want. Nima Benati made my dream house. I like that style. Down below you can see what I really love.

These interior design images are from the @nimabenati profile
Who are the beautiful travel
You read an interview: Who are the beautiful travel and fashion blogger?!
This is very popular furniture design for 2020-2021 years. Andjela you know what is the best.

4. If you have traveled to a tropical destination, can you tell us something about it. Tell me in a few sentences, an interesting story?!

I would single out Morocco, Jordan, Sri Lanka, China and the Maldives. I liked Jordan the most because of the Magnificent Petra and the “Indiana Jones” vibe, the famous Wadi Rum desert, as well as the Red and Dead Seas“.

This is from location PETRA- City of mystery
Who are the beautiful travel
Visit her Instagram account @andjela_curcic and enjoy in these amazing pictures.

She visited the Maldives, she swam with sharks and more…

In the Maldives, I swam with sharks, in Sri Lanka drank the most beautiful teas, visited orphanages of elephants, bathed them.” It so nice, you must visit all these locations.

These pictures are from the Maldives 😛
Who are the beautiful travel
Here I am in Dambulla, Sri Lanka

I watched the fishermen sitting on high poles, admiring the temples, and that culture.

This is me, watching the fishermen, and enjoying it!

In Morocco, I visited Essaouira, the famous place where GOT was filmed, then Ozoud Falls, the Bahia Palace, and the famous YSL garden.

Who are the beautiful travel
The Golden Temple Rangiri Dambulla Sri Lanka

China didn’t impress me, but I would go back again and explore a little more. It was interesting that people in Morocco are afraid to take photos because they think you are taking their souls. But many took pictures for 2 euros, after paying them.

An anecdote from Jordan: where I almost lost my head. Because I climbed the fence and fell, on Mount Mountain (the place where Moses first saw Jerusalem). But that didn’t stop me from going on a new adventure tomorrow.

Visit and follow her on Instagram @andjela_curcic

Now it’s time for Fashion questions and tips!

5.Which fashion style do you prefer the most, and in your opinion which piece of clothing will be especially in the trend in 2021?

“I like urban-retro style the most. When I combine vintage and modern pieces of clothing! What will wear in 2021? We have already started with the zebra animal print, I feel that there will be chaos with the cow print and the general merging of the incompatible.

Who are the beautiful travel
This is a new picture from Andjela, it looks so beautiful in this bath with these flowers.

Let’s say tiger loungewear, a zebra skirt and a Milka chocolate robe. You will see what I told you!

6. What advice would you give to the “new generations” regarding the fashion trends to come? Do they need to follow trends, or do they somehow combine it with some of their own style?!

“Good style means being your own. When you feel good in it and you know how to put it all together bravely. I often get compliments so that the jack would suit me too.

“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.”

Tip and Trick: A jacket with a second hand of 50 dinars can look like a million dollars if a person full of self-confidence and without a complex wears it.

7. Finally, tell us something that readers will remember you for and follow you enthusiastically on social media? (it can be a quote, a nice sentence / thought or whatever comes to mind)

Life is too short to wear boring clothes! Combine, play with colors, be your own!

If you like this amazing interview, please be free and visit here for more interesting stories.

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