Which colors are best for your home, to look powerful

Good morning my dear friends and my dear readers! Today I want to share with you some interesting colors for your home. Yes, I know, sometimes, when you paint walls, you feel great with your chosen color. But after two or more days it’s not what you wanted. Have you ever felt something like that ?! Sure it is! Precisely because of this, I decided to write to you about which colors are best for your home ?! What colors should or shouldn’t you use in your home.

How to choose which colors are the best for your home

Now, how and in what way to choose colors. I’m sure as I wrote at least once in your life you had that feeling. You go to a paint and paint store. The seller gives you a map of all possible colors with sub tones and tones. And you just get lost in it all and choose a color close to yours. You come home, paint the room alone or with the help of a painter, and after only 2 days you have the feeling.

Which colors are best

The most common and most recommended colors that will make you want to paint everything in the room, see below in the list.

  • Pastel colors (purple, pink, green);
  • If you have earthy tones of the furniture, you should use yellow and gray;
  • A dark blue color that you can use in your long hallway, but on a diagonal wall from the main entrance;
  • Acrylic paints (a mixture of golden-gray-darker tones);
  • Cream or cappuccino color (you can use on two diagonal walls in one room);
  • When you have a larger room, you can use dark color tones on one wall and add light furniture.

I recommend this pastel purple color for the following rooms and only on one wall. Why?! Because you want to freshen up your room and not ruin it. If I painted all the walls with this color, it would be gloomy. The same thing you can do with what looks extra: paint one wall of this color and paint the wall next to it in two light undertones of purple.

Dining room great color ideas, just for You!

I’m sure you’re already wondering, why didn’t I mention beige? So you can see the beige color you can use on the furniture or some details. But for smaller rooms I do not recommend it as a color on the wall, it is too light and dark tone for smaller squares. Now let me continue about where you will use this pastel purple.

I recommend this color for home refreshment in the dining room only on one wall, and that is the focal point from the entrance to the room. Then, it can be in the living room and the bedroom. Don’t forget it has to be on One Wall!

Also at the entrance to the kitchen from the dining room as in the picture, one wall can be emerald-colored, while the other walls are light cream-colored. When you add details with accentuated gold color, white long curtains. Then your room, in addition to looking 100% better, looks like a room from a magazine.

How to transform a small hallway into a long and luxurious space?

If you have a small hallway and you simply forgot about it, when it comes to landscaping. My advice which is very cheap and not really hard to do is the following. Paint the entire hallway in a slightly darker shade (color as desired) and place white frames of family or art photos. And place a chest of drawers or a shoebox in light brown or white in the hallway. And spread an easy path on the floor. I’m sure you’ll get a fantastic look. And I hope that in this period I will have time to show it to you in 3D.

I recommend that you read this article and find out a little more about how to make your hallway look more luxurious.

With the colors I mentioned to you at the beginning, you will definitely no longer have the feeling that you have made a mistake. These are the colors that are most often used in the space, but also if you want to freshen up the space. If you are interested in writing to you about wallpapers that are modern again and the wall under them can “breathe“, write below.

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