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What’s the best tips & tricks for young and adults

Hello, my dear friends and my readers. Yesterday, I received a few of your emails that I could write about. Of course, one of the creative emails got the opportunity to be the main topic on my blog today. My topic is what’s the best tips & tricks for young and adults.

Best tips & tricks for you my reader

Let’s start with living room best tips for you my reader. Hope so that would be useful and helpful for you and your family.

To be more easier for understand I’ll add here some of my few question for and e.g how you can renovate your living room.


One of my readers forwarded me an email with this question.
Best tips & tricks for young

For this great question I give a few tips how you can design living room. Living room with large details. But I have great tips for you Jess.

T1: Rearrange the Furniture– Pull the pieces away from the walls, reverse the placement of the sofa and chairs. You might be surprised at what a big difference moving a few things around can do. It will feel like a brand new space and you won’t have spent a penny.

T2: Replace Your Pillows– Believe or not, when I replace my old pillows for the new ones I get a very great living room.

Also what is very free and very easy to change or replace in your room is to paint your table. If you have some pint in the garage, whatever you color have. Just do it, change your style.

T3: Style Your Bookshelves This one is for you, dear Jess! I know you love to read books.

Also, my trick for this question which I already had write in March., You must paint your walls in white and choose three colors. One color always choose for base color and others is for details and decor.

Dining room ideas

Now is the time for dining tips. I love when I share with you all the tips and tricks. Let me state at once that these tips apply to existing homes, as well as to all new homes.

I must point out that if you click here, you can read yesterday’s post about the dining room.
Best tips & tricks for young

T4: Also, what you need is great wall color. If you for e.g have “dirty rose” color of chairs, and gold dining room, or gold edge in the dining room. Your wall needs to be beige. I said wall because you need to paint just one wall in the beige color.

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