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What to do if you have three colors in one room

Hello my dear friends. How are you, yesterday I got an email question on my and the email question is: ” Hey Leo, I love colors, and love the colorful room.

So, I’m read your blog and I love it when you share with us your tips. So I decided to write to you for my sweet but little problem? I want to have three or more colors in my room, but how to pair them, please help me?

So, does it possible to pair them in one room?

three colors in one room
Picture from @interiors_dd

How to design a room with three or more colors? And pair them again to make them look beautiful and make one beautiful color composition. Here you see in the picture it is possible to compose more colors and it looks wonderful again.

Tip 1: To pair multiple colors into one space, and make it look wonderful as a “package”. Do I just need to bold this: “Pair colors of darker color” What does that mean? You can put any color inside your room.

For more interesting idea for two or more colors you can visit here.

Something about blue color what you didn’t now?!

Blue is a cool color by nature, and it works well with pretty much any other cool tone: gray, purple, even black. Using color combinations like these will give your room a sense of stability and calm.

These are very simple colors, which in combination with each other make a “wow” effect. And sure enough, we all want to get this effect on every entry into the dining room.

T2: I recommend sleeping blankets in white and some other color to complete your new and modern look of the living room.

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T3: You can combine all these colors just like in the picture. Use interior design golden rule.

three colors in one room
three colors in one room

T4: On the 30% here in this room is this olive green color. You have this color on curtains, on the kitchen elements and in the hallway.

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