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What the Bosnian style of the house looked like before

Good morning my dear readers, today you can read something domestic and something from the culture of my country. This October 17, I decided to write about how to design my Bosnian-style home this year. Today topic is: “What the Bosnian style of the house looked like before”

Today, you will learn something about the ancient and cultural styles of all of us Bosnians. From our beautiful state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What a Bosnian style it is, let’s learn together!

This is what all the houses in Bosnia and Herzegovina used to look like. It was previously thought that these houses with large beautiful Avlija= courtyards had only Agian families. Later everyone else.

What did the Bosnian house consist of in relation to today’s houses:

During the day, the room served as a space for dining, socializing and sleeping.

What the Bosnian style

Believe it or not, even then, built-in-furniture began to predominate in Bosnian houses. Of course, as of today, the aim was to make the most of the space. Every Bosnian house had a Sećiju = corner sofa.

So everyone who came to visit friends felt comfortable and cozy. In the large living rooms, the mattresses were thinner on those sections, while in the bedrooms they were thicker.


What is inside the Bosnian house?

Sećija was located under the window along the entire wall. Which left a special impression after the first entry into the Bosnian House.

This table in the middle of this picture was spread out on the Bosnian carpet at mealtime. Where the host and his family would sit around her and eat Bosnian-traditional food.

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You could find other things in the Bosnian home:

  • Rafe- bookshelves,
  • Ormari-closets;
  • Dušekluk – space for bedding;
  • Kupatila-Spa;
  • Clay oven with pots.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the Agian and Bey families had houses with two separate entrances. And beautiful gardens with lots of flowers, like roses, violets.

Both parts have a separate yard and all the necessary space inside. One part of the house, called selamluk, is for male members. The second part is for female members and children only.

Below are a few old photos of what the yard inside the Bosnian houses looked like.

Design your home in Bosnian
What the Bosnian style
This traditional food on the sofra

All of the above is still present in my article today. You can visit Svrza’s house, which is still furnished in a traditional style. Admission is 3 KM if you decide to visit when you come to our beautiful city of Sarajevo.

Svrzo house
Inside Svrzo house

In the end, what I have left to mention is that every part of the former Bosnian house. It was decorated with carved wood with very interesting symbols. Which, even today, have a special significance for our tradition.

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A special charm that our tradition leaves on tourists is the Bosnian kilims -carpet. A rug is woven on the previous “stanovima” of weaving machines.

Bosnian Kilim with amazing signs

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