What is the most useful interior style on the Balkan

Good morning my dear friends and my lovely readers. Today it’s finally time to talk about what is the most useful interior style on the Balkan. I know, I am the first one who talks about this. So, why wait let’s start right now.

Which interior style people on Balkan most use in their homes?!

What is the most useful interior style on the Balkan
You read: What is the most useful interior style on the Balkan!

On the Balkan people just use believe or not use just two styles! Yea, somewhere in the other countries. You can see more than two styles. But, here I must say that we are very different people. Here we use Scandinavian and Industrial styles.

Why Scandinavian style, what is the best in this style?!

Look I will type here what is the best whey we as people use this style.

  • We love the white color on the walls- because we love huge space. If they not huge that’s not the best place to live. I know, this is how we thinking;
  • Love to use wood furniture: In our living room, dining room even on our balcony…
  • Our people like colors: we live in colors. So, if you in your home doesn’t have any colors like pastel blue, beige, or yellow and pink. It’s not a home. It’s a tram station;
  • Also, we love to hang on the walls artworks and in our space must be some flowers for e.g: Orchids, Calla lily or Philodendron. These flowers are looking good and useful for refreshing air;
This is also some types of Calla Lilys.

If you want to know more about Scandinavian style, click here.

Another interior style is Industrial style!

Yeah, in our countries people just enjoy this style. What is so important in this style to have/use. Inside Industrial style we love metal, wood with glass combination. That’s why we love this.

This is some example about how it’s look like Industrial style.

What is powerful in this Industrial style for our people:

  • We enjoy it when you have a living room table in metal and glass or a wood-metal-glass combination. This is so amazing to touch and sees;
  • Love to see a floor without carpet (parquet or laminate with a little rug on them);
  • Grey colors in combination with other colors. Ah, that it, so magic;
  • Also, we love antique things inside our “happy place”
What is the most useful
wealdentimes.co.uk We love this eclectic style inside Industrial.

What if you want to learn more about Industrial style, you need to click here. And find every tip or trick for your happy place.

How many colors we should have inside our home/room?

I love to say we are very familiar with the rule 60-30-10. We know that is a golden rule. And we use this rule in every our homeplace. As a designer, I recommend to my clients to use just three colors in their homes. Because one color is so monotonous (but someone loves that) we are different.

Some of us love to have just two colors inside his or her home. But, here we are, I totally in a group of people who like to have more than three colors in our happy place.

What is the most useful interior style on the Balkan

What we should use for a better place? We could use Feng Shui elements. Why? Because every one of us needs positive energy. Need some great place for relaxing our mind and charge our battery. In a battery, I think about that “positive energy”.

What is the most useful
This is my living room, and this is a Feng Shui layout. And you are reading: What is the most useful interior style on the Balkan!

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