What is in trend this summer for men and woman

Good morning, today I’ll write about what is in trend this summer for men. So, because I love to wear sweatsuit and sweatshirts, dresses and skirts. So This summer it will be very popular to wear this in shorts. Let’s start with this amazing and very great idea.

Sweatshirt for Men Summer collection

trend this summer for men
Trend this summer for men

Very popular this summer is the sweatshirt combined with shorts in colors that evoke warm days. Of course, these are white as neutral and can be combined with all colors. Blue, beige, and peach. These colors are popular for men and women. So it can very easily be interpreted simply that everything in these colors is unisex.


Another thing that is very important and modern of this trend. There are of course sweatshirts in two and three colors. But in the following way. You can see below in the picture.

trend this summer
Trend this summer

Also if you want to use this colors inside your interior design, click here and find more interesting articles.

Also, as summer passes and we enter the fall, this sweatshirt jacket design is becoming very extra popular. Except for our area, it can be used at summer temperatures.

Next clothes popular this 2020

Cross-Body Bags- Keep your belongings safe and sound with a super stylish crossbody bag. Whether it be a messenger-style or something small and neat, these are a great way to secure your stuff and do it fashionably.

trend this summer

Cuban Collar ShirtsWith a distinctive collar and short sleeves, they’re an easy way to jazz up an outfit and make a real statement. You can choose to wear them with a bold print or keep it plain in a solid color. 

trend this summer

 Complete the look with chinos and sunglasses, and you’ll be donning the summer sun in style.

Over the Knee, ShortsThese are a great way to keep yourself mostly covered but stay cool in the summer heat. 


For all the girls and ladies I can recommend a great store that you can order from all over the world pieces of clothing very unusual and very interesting. Check out some of their pieces for this summer collection below. They are called Model Madness fashion and you can follow them on their official Instagram profile Modelmadnessfashion

The best store for your body…..model madness fashion in Sarajevo
Dress Lea
Olee skirt Madness by Shmizla

If are you looking best summer clothes for you or you. Just follow this store and ordered new model dresses and skirts. Welcome to Sarajevo.

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