What is Biophilic design and why we need it?

Good morning friends, today I decided to write about this very simple but useful design. Today I’m going to talk a little more about what Biophilic design is and why we need it?! You know how sad our home space without plants, so this topic is great for you. Let’s get going and make your home space look so powerful with positive energy.

What is Biophilic design and why we need for our space?

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This is a great example of where you can use this design, and how it looks like! If you ask me this is so powerful.

In the Instagram post above you see one fantastic idea by an interior designer. Of course, this design is so simple that you can apply it from the hallway, living room (if there is a larger space), office, etc.

What is Biophilic design

Biophilic design concept features include indoor gardens, vertical garden walls, indoor plants, aromatherapy, sound, access to views of nature. Also, access to open space, smart lighting systems.

Why are people increasingly opting for this type of design?

Today as we live a fast-paced life, it sometimes happens that we can’t even take care of ourselves, let alone our green friends. So, yes a lot of people opt for this kind of design in their homes or offices. Because in addition to giving good energy, it looks really wonderful.

If by any chance you forget to feed your friend (plant) then buy a plastic plant. It will look wonderful, give you something special, and it will not dry out.

What is Biophilic design
Here is some futuristic idea for the garden on your balcony. This is so awesome and I love it!

Why this design is good for our health?- Air-purifying plants improve CO2 levels in indoor spaces whilst adding natural beauty, restoring concentration levels, and having a calming effect, making them of great use for biophilic designers like us.

What is very interesting is that no matter which option you choose, your space will definitely be full of light. Just because you placed this design in your space.


  • Create our own garden with all accessories;
  • Add Some Railing Planters;
  • Light up;
  • Add “fake grass rug”
  • Paint in white color and add some interesting boho details.

If you want to find a great idea for your balcony, click here! Here you can find very great tips for your balcony.

With this natural design, it is best when you combine other furniture in the home made of wood. You can find the best combinations for your home in the KARE shop. Let’s go back to our real home, our nature. Visit @kare_sarajevo and enjoy natural materials.

Which natural materials are best for our home, which relax us and our home, read below. I must not forget to list some of the styles that are ideal for the natural style in our home. And these are of course: Japandi style, Traditional, and Scandinavian.

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