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What do you should know about the best bedroom tips?

Hey, hey! What’s up my dear people? Today I want to thank you for 7k views for this half on months. Thank you all this is just because you support my blog. Today, I decided to write about great tips for bedroom room. I know you probably know some of these but it’s great to repeat. My topic for this day is: ” What do you should know about the best bedroom tips” Very easy and budget tricks.

What do you should know
Today, I’ll use pictures from my dear friends: @prosvirin_design

Let’s start with the tips!

Tip number 1: You should know that your bed is a focal point in your bedroom. So, if you choose the right relaxing colors for the room, all details would be easy to do.

Which color is the best for your bedroom: Soft pink, grey, and gold (this is for details if you want to focus on some part of the room).

T2: How to have a master room in your small room– When you have a small room, you first start from the walls. Always choose a combination of two styles in this case. My recommendation is Scandinavian style when it comes to walls, and choose another style at your discretion. The second style can be: modernist, cozy style, minimalist, traditional, Belgian, French, and many others.

You read: What do you should know about the best bedroom tips?

Also, before I skip on tip 3 I want to tell you a Feng Shui is very important. If you want to know more about this Chine system for a better dream, click here.

What if you want to have a sitting part in your bedroom?!

  • A Comfy Chair (Or Two)- down below I will explain any part of these;
  • You need a small table for a book or some great detail/ lamp;
  • Some blanket- if it’s cold you need this 🙂
  • Plush rug for relaxing your heavy feet;
  • Ambient lighting;
  • and other
This is photography from my friends team @prosvirin_design Thank you guys!

A Comfy Chair– is very important, I will be very honest, and tell you that it is very important that after you wake up. Yes if you don’t have a chair this comfortable, stay seated for some 5-10 minutes. Because it often happens that after lying down when you get up you feel a little dizzy in your head.

You need a small table- is very important that in the morning, in a warm room you can drink tea or coffee with some sweet details. You know, romance can’t be described in words, but you can show it in deeds. I love it.

I want to share also one bonus tip and it’s for Queen & King size bed

One reader of my blog suggested to me that if there is a possibility. In short, I explain in my own way what the difference is between the Queen and King size of the bed.

What do you should know

As you can see, the Queen size is a double bed. While the King size bed is for three people. In my city, it often bears another name: double bed as well as a French bed.

Also, it exists one very great detail about Queen size bed. This type of bed has very luxurious so I would say frame around the bed itself. That’s what it really is, and it makes one of the most obvious differences.

What do you should know

Here is something also that I want to share with you. You can use this idea if you have a lot of pillows. Watch down below the picture template.

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