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What do you need to know about tips for living room

Good morning my dear friends! You can read great tips from my Instagram friends on my post today. The idea was that friends from Instagram need to add tips for comments below to my post. So, the topic for today is what you need to know about living room tips.

Best advice for the living room this month

For starters, I’d like to clarify that some of the tips you’ll see below are tips from Instagram.

What do you need to know?

Tip 1: These mirrors are really great for me since I don’t like living rooms without carpets, I would put some smaller carpet with a fine pattern on which is a jasmine flower.

This is tip from @la_reina_de_la_luz
What do you need to know

T2: She would add a beige rug, a wicker basket with a soft blanket inside, and colored pillows like picture frames. Flowers on the table and thus would complete this living room.

Tip form profile @asimabesic
What do you need to know

T3: Definitely a rug of some natural color, an interesting table and pampas.

This is great tip from @my_perfect_places_

My tips for better living room

T4: Rearrange the Furniture– Pull the pieces away from the walls, reverse the placement of the sofa and chairs. You might be surprised at what a big difference moving a few things around can do. It will feel like a brand new space and you won’t have spent a penny.

That one of my tips, if you have already great and inspired design inside your room.

A great way to change the color in this first image. On this couch I will recommend a pink blanket and add a gray rug with a yellow pattern on it.

T5: An oldie but a goodie, gold-effect can be used across furnishings small and large and will never go out of style. Gold is the best color if you want to emphasize the very edge of your room. And of course, if you want luxury design.

T6: Carpet, coffee table, the little table on one side, and high lamp on the other.

Tip from: @kasema_i_k
What do you need to know
Picture from my dear friend @azra.mycreativity you should visit her profile. All this looks like one small kingdom with huge inspiration for everyone.
What do you need to know

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