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What do you need to know about Contemporary style

Good morning my dear and lovely readers. I love you, how to comment on my posts and how you share with your friends and family my blog. I am very thankful and I want to say: ” Thank you so much” This morning on my side of the earth, I’ll write about what do you need to know about Contemporary style. If I can be free to say this mixes a few best of 3 styles.

What is Contemporary style?

What is referred to as contemporary style became popular in the 1970s, about the same time as postmodernism’s rise in popularity. It was originally a blend of styles before it became recognizable on its own. 

Know about Contemporary style

As you can see it is important lines, and metal frame. This is great to know about this style. Lightning is important inside the place.

Know about Contemporary style

Urban furniture is designed for city-dwellers with smaller living spaces. For that reason pieces tend to be smaller in scale, but sophisticated and well designed. While small in size, they can be very high in impact.

know about Contemporary style

Contemporary style is a mix of few styles, and you should know which one it is: It’s Urban style, Modern style, Mid-Century Modern. This is what is important to know. I recommend this style for the office and for your home on the hill. It’s an elegant luxury and this is what you need.

What is characteristic for this style:

  • You will find designs where form follows function;
  • There is very little or no ornamentation, with uncluttered and sleek lines;
  • Use of traditional material, such as wood, and non-traditional materials such as metal, glass, vinyl, plywood, Plexiglass, and Lucite exist side by side;
  • There is a vast range of color, from neutral to bold, including black and white.

In the next paragraph, you can see some differences between Modern vs. Contemporary style. Here on Modern when you click you can find 5+more posts about design for your home. On this link, you can find more tips and tricks for your budget.

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