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What are kitchen waterfall countertops, why is this great?

Hello my dear friends, today I want to share a grateful idea if you have kitchen islands in your home. Today, I decided to write about waterfall countertops for your kitchen. So, in today’s article, you can find great information on why you should install this countertop and which style and design it’s better for your home. My topic for today will be what are kitchen waterfall countertops, why is this great?!

What are kitchen waterfall countertops?

A waterfall edge is a design aspect that makes a 90-degree angle at the end of the countertop. Rather than simply ending with a finished edge, the countertop heads toward the floor and continues down the side of the cabinet, island, or seating area.
What are kitchen waterfall countertops

The best way to explain this kitchen worktop. It’s actually a slab that’s done in one piece, while this final piece goes all the way to the floor. In most cases, you can see that it is a design that is like marble. Below I will tell you a little more about what are the most common styles and what are the advantages of this work area.

Benefits of Waterfall Edges

  1. Focal point – Your kitchen should be both beautiful and functional, and there’s no denying that a waterfall edge creates a show-stopping focal point in any kitchen;
  2. Unique – Waterfall edges are a unique way to stray away from the traditional hard-edged design;
  3. Variety – Marble, granite, quartz, and travertine are all favorites for waterfall countertops. Concrete and wood, however, have entered the waterfall market recently.

Which style prefers this waterfall countertop?

In terms of style, mostly this kitchen countertop design is universal. But if you prefer any of the interior styles my recommendation would be one of the following.

  • Contemporary style;
  • Mid-century style;
  • Japandi style ( it’s combination of Scandinavian and Japan style);
  • Industrial style;
  • Modern style.

As for the colors, I leave it to you to choose for yourself. Let the ideal recommend you to choose a variant of marble in shades of your choice. So create a “focal point” in your kitchen. Of course, I almost forgot the style which is really great when it comes to the kitchen island. This is of course Farmhouse. Imagine inside a waterfall countertop you have a farmhouse sink in marble color. It is the color of a marble countertop.

The picture above is a combination of Farmhouse style and Industrial. One of the most sought after combinations this summer. And as for the color of the kitchen, here I would definitely choose a light or even pastel shade. I’m not a fan of dark kitchen elements.

Which materials do you need to use for the waterfall countertop?!

  • Stainless Steel Waterfall Countertop;
  • Butcher Block;
  • Kitchen Island With a Concrete;
  • Transitional Kitchen With a Marble;
  • Granite Waterfall;
  • Showstopping Kitchen With Glossy;
  • Monochromatic Kitchen With a Quartz Waterfall;

The task for all of you: Write me which photo from the article do you like the most? But also to share some of your experience regarding the kitchen island, regardless of whether you have it?! Honestly, I have to say I don’t have this island. But, I have a great desire to renovate the kitchen and design an island like this for myself. Because only with this island and colors can you create a “rich” effect. Thanks for reading my article!

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