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What 5 things Cancer does know before decorating

Good morning my dear Cancers who are in your horoscope, today is your lucky day! Yes, as you can see, my title today is written just for you my dear friends. I want you to share this post and my other articles everywhere on social media. Also, you can find each post on my Instagram account. So, my title today is: what 5 things does Cancer need to know before decorating your own home?! Sounds really great, right?! Yes, so let’s get started with this article you’re waiting for.

Read here about 5 things before decorating home!

Cancer signs are known as nurturing and down-to-earth and have an immense love of their home. Ruled by the moon and often looked at as a “mothering” figure, your content being in the presence of your loved ones, which means you spend a great deal of time at home. Before you get started, take a look at these 5 things Cancer needs to know and keep in mind before decorating their home.

Sensitive and caring deeply about matters of the family and their home, this star sign is drawn towards quaint and cozy interior styles made up of one-of-a-kind, mix-match finds.

Now it’s time for these 5 things you should know!

#1 Comfort is Key: My dear Cancer who is in the horoscope, you like your home to be one safe place. But not any certainty to be there! Yes, you all know very well that your home in addition to ultra-security doors must have a combination of several styles. Because you couldn’t be you if it’s not as you imagined. Otherwise, raise your hands, and look better!
What 5 things Cancer does

In your home, the premises must have a comfortable atmosphere that includes: a comfortable bed to sit on, sleep. The colors of the walls are usually white, and the details on the bed are blue, red, emerald, and beige. These are your favorite three colors that you don’t want and want, but must be present everywhere.

In addition to all the above ideal colors for you sign, there are definitely a gentle pink, gold silver color. Without which you can not, you are the signs of the moon there must be something, some detail to be silver.

What 5 things Cancer does
The picture you see is for those a sign of Cancer who are facing luxurious home decor. Without details, it is simply not possible to live in silver. Of course, there may be a buckle on the silver curtain, it will be enough.

#2 Your focal point is the living room, why?Since you are a very caring person by nature, you like to help others more than yourself. In some cases, this statement is valid, again depending on the sub-sign and the month. Since you are a great host, you love to prepare glamorous dinners and organize gatherings. Your living room and dining room must be the center of attention.

Cancers and Italian-style architecture!

As I wrote above, comfort in all rooms is number one in your dear Cancer signs. It goes without saying that the dining room will have comfortable chairs and a large table. Of course, even though it is a large dining table, you sometimes like to sit and eat alone without being disturbed.

#3 Older styles are listed on your list: You adore your sign as well as the subsign Cancer when you have some older pieces of furniture in your home. You are simply attracted to such objects, it is innate. What you like most is that you have a mix of shabby chic and modern styles in the room. Somehow, I may now sound too predestined to love Italian architecture. There, you see yourself that’s what you actually want.

The bed in the bedroom must have a headboard and be a bed with a mattress. It has to be a big bed because you like to go down and enjoy yourself after a hard day. Sometimes you have the feeling that crabs when they are in bed have you “eaten by the bed“.

To be clear, the bed must be with details of either silver or gold. Even if it was a paint coating. I’m telling you it has to be, otherwise, you won’t buy a bed if it doesn’t have it on.

#4 You like to save for some good trips, hm? – Most things can be reused in some shape or form, and you take full advantage of that! You don’t need to buy brand new items to decorate your space, which is why thrift shopping is an excellent way to find decor for your home.

Fifth thing but not least, for you my dears!

But neither you nor any other sign like Capricorn would be able to survive if you didn’t at least buy that month at least two things whether for yourself or for the home. This is simply not possible, in addition to so many savings that something is wrong with yourself.

Before I write the fifth thing for you, my dear cancer signs, I need to write about hallway ideas. Although most honestly, you don’t enter the hallway much as part of an apartment. Whatever your hallway, it must have a mirror and a shoemaker. If a shoemaker can be, if possible, only summer shoes, you don’t like winter shoes. And the mirror must be simple and on the shoe or chest of drawers there must be flowers, red, pink, silver.
What 5 things Cancer does

If you have enough space in the hallway, there is always a small bench designed in your colors. To make it easier to get dressed before going out. The closet in the bedroom is one, but huge! How could clothes and clothes and only clothes fit in it.

#5 Invest in Your Kitchen: Since you cook great meals, and love the kitchen. Don’t be afraid, then invest in the kitchen too! Because in addition to the living room, dining room, the kitchen must shine in full splendor. You are a person who adores simple shades of kitchen colors. It can always be white, beige, cream, and even the lightest pink. And you will somehow get the details, use them from before and make them glamorous.

Time for relaxing your soul…

Of course, I left the bathroom for last. Because with crabs and in the bathroom, there must be a place where they can rest and relax. Definitely, these are simple colors with much less detail compared to the rest of the room. You love having a bath and walk-in shower. Along with the bath, some light music must play, accompanied by a beautiful voice.
What 5 things Cancer does

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