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Use marble tiles in the bathroom for a better look

Good morning my dear friends, finally while you were asking me to publish my article on the bathroom we finally got to that. So I decided to write what I did in this project in this little bathroom. So my headline today is, “Use marble tiles in the bathroom for a better look So, why to wait I know you eagerly waiting for me to publish my idea.

Why and how to use marble in your bathroom?

I will write a little about why or why you should not use marble tiles in the bathroom. From experience in work so far, there is a difference. Where and when marble can be used as a tile design. Now I will explain one small trick so you can apply.

This is how I design bathroom in this project.

Of particular importance, you can see that in this bathroom I used a little more pronounced marble on the wall. While on the floor the tiles are much lighter and the other elements I decorated in color. The best way to “shrink” large bathrooms and make them more functional is with the help of marble.

Always use the golden rule that applies not only in the living room but also in the bathrooms. Three colors that will enliven the room, so you will want to enter the bathroom every time. I love when the bathroom is arranged and decorated according to some combinations of modern trends. Because apart from other rooms, we all look to make our bathroom modern. At least on the details to draw that modernity.

Use marble tiles

The colors I used in the bathroom are: gray, pink, blue and brown. Of course, there are always neutral colors: black and white. Because they are important to create a balance in space. They can be in detail or as part of the main elements.

I wanted to show that even in the bathroom you can put a picture on the wall, bring aromatic oils and scented sticks into the bathroom. Which will create special zen that we all strive for. Flowers in the bathroom, like on the sink, are there to spread positive energy in addition to the decorations. The bathroom should be a place where we are filled with good energy and leave the negative one.

What about lighting, why we need to use quality lights?

Use marble tiles
In addition to all the above, it is very important to have a window in the bathroom, through which natural light can enter. Because it is very important to us, and it can be direct light. So that it is “filled” with good energy during the day.

It is very important that there is good lighting in the bathroom. So if you are currently doing work in your bathroom. You bought the tiles, and everything you had planned. But how to choose the right lighting now. It is important to take LED bulbs that have a white light color. Except it will allow you to make every detail in the bathroom visible. Your new or older version of the bathroom will be in a better glow again.

Use marble tiles

The colors that I purposely used enabled this bathroom to get something special. Since these are the owners, who are very young. I installed a double sink, which already has built-in lamps on it. So when the main light in the bathroom comes on. You can always increase the brightness even more with the help of these extra ones.

Because you know, in the morning it’s a hassle to do the morning needs and then we move on to business or other obligations. Flowers on the sink are great that can be plastic or real flowers so as a decoration it can definitely beautify the space.

Since I was planning to place the machine in a separate section such as the laundry room, I remembered that even though it sounds like a great idea. Again, given the square footage of the apartment this would be impossible. That’s why I left the washing machine in the bathroom, a built-in one that has a drying and washing function. There is certainly a radiator which we in the Balkans call the register. And it is mostly used to dry towels and some small cloths.

About details…

With the help of small details, I only intensified the better focus on space and the complete energy that circulates. Pastel blue, more turquoise for the bathroom carpet. A lovely cupboard designed for towels, and some little things for hygiene and cleaning. Which we definitely need, and yet they must not be visible.

What about the most important element: A shower!

I chose the shower to get in the space, because if there was a bathtub there. It would “take” us a lot of space so we would have to remove some things. The best way is to save money but also the time you will spend cleaning this bathroom. Is to install a freestyle shower like this. Place the shower door next to the bathroom. And so you get, breadth and relaxation to bathe as long as you want. And then you just wash the bathroom and that’s it.

Since safety in the bathroom is important to us, I made sure to “install” ventilation. A little above the shower, so that all the steam goes directly into the ventilation. There is a solution, instead of tiles, there should be a wall, which is resistant to water and moisture. Alli I will write this later, in another article, so I will continue it with this article.

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