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Use great tips for mixing vintage furnishings in 2021

Good morning my dear friends, today I decided to write about great tips if you missed some of mine from the last year. So, here I want to repost and update with some new tips and tricks. For this 02. January I decided to write about this topic. Use great tips for mixing vintage furnishings in 2021. Very great topic, isn’t it?

Great tips for vintage furnishings inside your home

Tip 1: Refresh Your Living Room with Vintage Finds- It is best when choosing furniture that can fit, in any style. Always choose a combination sofa with half leather half textile.

T2: Always use Feng Shui tips for your rooms, how you can use these amazing tips, just follow these small steps down.

Here is 8 easy rules for your Feng shui room:

  • Get a great size bed so you can roll on it;
  • Position your bed centrally and out of line from the bedroom door;
  • Maximize air-flow with adjustable blinds;
  • Limit electronic devices;
  • Choose soothing, muted color tones;
  • Keep all drawers and doors closed when not in use;
  • Move your bookshelf to a different room;
  • Only have books you’re currently reading in your bedroom.
Use great tips for mixing

T3: Use Vintage in the KitchenHang an antique sign or decorate open shelves with vintage dishware to quickly add an old-fashioned look to your contemporary kitchen.

T4: Replace Your Pillows– Believe it or not, when I replace my old pillows with the new ones I get a very great living room. Also what is very free and very easy to change or replace in your room is to paint your table. If you have some pint in the garage, whatever you color have. Just do it, change your style.

What is special about the Vintage style? There are of course styles that you can mix and match with other styles, just the way it suits you at the moment. In doing so, you can always restore vintage furniture and do a makeover. Which will definitely improve the look of your room.

Use great tips for mixing
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