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Trends that have marked these last 10 years

Hello my dear friends, today is my birthday and I am so happy! Why? Because I have already 20.3k views on my blog in the last 23 days. Thank you so much, my dear friends and my lovely readers. I am so proud because you love what I share with you. So, for today I decided to write about an interesting topic. My topic is Trends that have marked these last 10 years.

Architectural and Structural Elements

Trends that have marked

Plinths (heavy pedestal-like bases that hold statues, vases, and other items) might trickle. Their way into our homes in the form of side tables, coffee table. And possibly even outdoor decor—exemplifying how something regarded as old-fashioned. Can be redesigned into something contemporary.

The best trends for last 10 years
Trends that have marked

If you have a large space like this one up here, you can use a very interesting idea. Do you don’t like a carpet in your living room? Yes, so you should read what I write at the start. Start when I m write my one of first articles. Click here, and read how you can design your living rooms easily.

#3 50 SHADES OF GREY– From light, minimalist hues to deep, moody tones, there were literally 50 shades of the colour – if not more. This is right now is very popular, and it’s use in the living rooms.

#4 COPPER ACCENTSCopper has been something that has adorned our homes for decades. It helps to make our space shine in true splendor. Copper is always in trend and my some experiences as a blogger but also a designer. Yes, copper is mostly used in three styles: Minimalist, Industrial and Vintage / Shabby chic styles.

Trends that have marked

#5 MATCHY-MATCHYIt was popular some 10 years ago to combine furniture with the color of the walls. For example: light but like neon colors with darker furniture color. Some combination that is unthinkable. Pink darker in combination with dark green. One hundred, it was very popular in those 50 years.

Imagine that with this color of furniture are some dark flashy colored walls. For example; pink color of the walls. Something that is not used today as much as before.

#6 FEATURE WALLSA tag-on from the 2000s, feature walls remain in our homes to this day. Created with a roll of wallpaper or a mural, it’s an easy and cost-effective way. Perhaps more significantly, the feature wall became the gateway to something more daring: maximalism.

Trends that have marked

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