Timeless tips for your new home after renovation in 2021

Hi, it’s Leo! Today it’s an important day, I want to share with you some very great tips on what you can do after renovation. So, I decided to write about 5 timeless tips for your new home after a renovation this year. Some of these tips maybe you now, but some are new.

Let’s learn about easy but great tips for your new home

Probably, everyone who is reading my blog now, you are tired of looking for adequate ideas, what I could learn for my home. Is it! Put simply, every piece of advice you come across on the net is not enough. Mostly just a few words, but not like me.

Timeless tips for your new home
Timeless tips for your new home

Tip 1: What are the most recommended for living rooms if you live in a house and not an apartment. A fireplace is recommended, which is built and done so fantastically.

There is a very simple trick on how you can quickly make a fireplace out of stone tiles. If it used to be just a wall without any additions, then gluing stone tiles will be easy for you. But if there is paneling above your fireplace or earlier that the tiles were glued.

Then let’s get started with quick download tips. The first thing you have to do. Is to glue around the fireplace nylon on which it will be shut. Second prepare hot water !? Yes yes, you will dip a slightly larger cloth in boiling water and drain the water from it, and put it on the tiles. Why? Because no matter how old the glue on the wall is, the material that is glued will come off quickly.

Easy tips for makeover bedroom

T2: Makeover your bedroom and made nook. This is the best for a larger room, or you can use it for small rooms in small dimensions.


The bedroom nook is mostly done if you want to save the rest of the space for maybe another bed if it is a children’s room.

Or, to put up a desk, although you wish you had a place to relax as well. It is a small corner that is ideal for a window. With this idea, you will not only save space, but you will get visually more square footage.

T3: Tip for a small bathroom to look big, without dismantling or ruining the bathroom. As you can see here is max. 10 m2 but if you use colors you can get visually 5m2.

How to decorate a bathroom, for a lot less money than you would spend. If you demolished and expanded the bathroom, it would cost you a lot of money.


The trick is simple: if you have a small bathroom, you put bright tiles on the floor. While dark they go to the wall. So you get the effect that from a smaller bathroom you get a bigger bathroom.

And the cons also go for large bathrooms. What is very trendy is that today the bath is mostly thrown out and the bathing place is done with the help of tiles.


  1. Taupe
  2. Soft Gray
  3. Bright White
  4. Charcoal
  5. Light Blue
  6. Light Green
  7. Creamy White
  8. Pistachio
  9. Cerulean Blue
Picture is from Instagram acc: @interiors_dd

Selecting the perfect bathroom paint color ideas can be tricky.  Like any neutral, it can wash out a room, but get it right in your bathroom design and you’ll see why grey is the color trend of the decade.

T4: Golden rule– Use in bathroom 2 colors for tiles. You know I already tell to you when you want to better living room or other room inside your home use 60-30-10 rule for the colors. But, here in your toilet or bathroom use 2 colors. Because this is the best rule for small bathrooms.

T5: Interior doors don’t have to be solid and boring. Beautiful, space-saving pocket doors or sliding barn doors are worth the splurge. Not only do they elevate a room’s style, but they also can be used to create separation within open floor plans. 

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Timeless tips for your new home

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