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Time for new kitchen trends in 2021

Good morning, my lovely friends! How are you, I am fine very well?! So, today I want to share with you about the kitchen. Yeah, it’s time for new kitchen trends in 2021. Hey, I can’t wait to share with you, let’s start!

#1:This year, when it comes to kitchens, the focus will be on marble kitchens. More precisely, the design of the marble slab on the kitchen elements. If there’s one thing that’s storming the style charts and shaking up interiors, it’s the return of marble.
Time for new kitchen trends

#2: What you need to know this year for kitchen design is that the rules are changing. Yes, you heard right! The hood that is built into the kitchen counter itself is no longer in trend.

So automatically as soon as you cook, or make some dishes enough to turn on the built-in hood. And definitely, all the odors will be extracted through some special filters that will not pollute the environment.

#3: Two-toned kitchensFrom this year, as I have already written in one article, changes in colors are also expected. What does that mean, well below in a little more detail! I have been talking all along and still stick to my design opinion that three colors are best for every room in your home.

As of this year, that is changing a bit, so as far as the kitchen is concerned, it will now be used and in the trend of two tones in the kitchen. From this year, choose colors that will delight you, and that will be in your kitchen. Two tones of colors I am sure will be ideal for you. If you have a smaller kitchen or for which square larger.

Time for new kitchen trends

Little tips and trick for your kitchen

#4: The rule, which is not really so much a rule but a trick that creates a great result in the room. Always place a small bouquet of flowers in the kitchen, just to give some liveliness to your place and to beautify the space.

Believe me, sometimes one bouquet of flowers or a flower that will change the first impression is enough.

If you prefer more vibrant colors then the next paragraph is ideal for you. Thats colors are: blue, rose, yellow, purple and wood cabinets.


This combination is universal. By universal combination as an interior designer I mean that you will use these colors:

  • If you want the change to be visible, most during the spring-summer season.
  • If you are switching from a different color, you are also looking for the refreshment of your small kitchen area.
  • Not sure what another color is for you, you’re playing it safe!
  • Your kitchen and living room need more light.

For more interest in kitchen ideas, or any other tips and tricks, click here!

This is great if you have a large kitchen or if you love these little darker colors. I live for light colors.

#5: Statement floors are in trend this year more than ever before. So if you’ve been thinking about what to start this year, here’s a great idea. Although, honestly I’m more for tiles that have a laminate pattern on them

Time for new kitchen trends

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