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The terrazzo tiles best trend for your new renovation

Hello, my lovely friends! How are you, I m great and ready to write something totally new and totally great. So, today’s topic would be great: “The terrazzo tiles best trend for your new renovation” Totally, great isn’t!

This tiles is so great because you can use everywhere, in your home. Some people use them in bathroom, some in kitchen and some on the wall.

Let’s learn about this tiles design

The terrazzo consists of a mixture of pebbles and marble agglomerated with cement, this gives it its characteristic dotted design and makes each one of the pieces different from the others. But now it comes in new colors and combinations that will surprise you. Even decorating wallpapers.

The terazzo tiles best

In its design the grain can be fine, medium or thick and currently offers a wide variety of colors that are very colorful and eye-catching. This is so great if you have small space or large space inside your home.

The terrazzo tiles best

Do you want a home with a moderate note of luxury?

If you want to find out more great information like this, click here and enjoy every atom on my blog. Today, there is a huge trend in the world to buy self-adhesive foils in the terrazzo style. Which you will later glue to the closet door, or to the kitchen elements.

Where we can use this design, let’s see:

  • For flooring;
  • Walls;
  • On furniture;
  • Textiles – Soft Furnishings;
  • Lighting;

Using terrazzo in the kitchen whether it be on the walls or floors, don’t forget to add some contrasting textures to add interest. Combined with concrete and painted wood terrazzo creates a clean minimalistic feel to space. Just don’t forget to add some good old greenery to lift and add life to your scheme.

The terrazzo tiles best

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