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The queen of interiors that will make your home beautiful

Good morning my dear friends, today I decided to finish this month with one very great interview! Yes, for today I want to share with you a very quality interior designer. She is from Croatia, and she’s name Evica. Down below you will find more great information about her and more interesting tips for your home. So, my title is maybe long, but very inspired. Who is the queen of interiors that will make your home more beautiful than ever! After this interview, I am sure you will want to invite her to turn your home into a kingdom. We all deserve to have a comfortable and beautiful space where we relax.

Meet the queen of interiors that will make your home look like a kingdom

At the very beginning, as you are used to, I will first start with the most difficult question! Of course, to joke! Sometimes, you wouldn’t believe it when you are asked to introduce yourself in 4 sentences, it is a big problem. But that didn’t bother our interior designer, so I’m looking forward to your comments.

The queen of interiors
  1. Introduce yourself briefly, in 4 words, I know it’s hard but will it be interesting to you? Evica from Zagreb, I love beautiful interiors, life in nature, and animals, the interior designer told us.

2. What is it that inspired you to start the interior design? It has happened in my life that I have renovated a lot of grounds, one for myself, one for family and friends. Since I am thorough, when I accept something, I have to know everything about it. So over the years and in practice, I have learned all about possible mistakes.

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How to avoid them, some rules in arranging, but also in performing works. Now I have the knowledge, experience, and a team of masters who never say no to my ideas. That’s why people like to hire me because they get a complete service.

Let’s find out more about the new technique for the bathroom…

3. Not so long ago you were working on your bathroom, would you of course describe to us briefly what you have changed next to the photos?

The queen of interiors

The nightmare of bathroom renovations is the pounding of old tiles, rubble, and dust. And when maintaining a joint that turns black. So I wanted to show people how to avoid both, and get a modern bathroom without joints, which is easy to maintain. The technique is micro-cement. A very solid material only 5-7mm thick that has properties even better than tiles, and can be applied to any substrate, including old tiles.

The queen of interiors
This is some new and very useful technique for easier bathroom maintenance.

4. What inspires you the most before a landscaping project? People. Already on the first conversation with a potential client, I try to detect his affinities, get into his head and start thinking like him. I look at the space as a whole, the life habits of the client, the environment, and the functionality. I try to take all this into account.

This is just a part of her feed on Instagram!

5. Finally, share something interesting about yourself, maybe an anecdote, and why should they accompany you? My profile mostly revolves around my living space. I try to promote that life is not a beautiful photo, but that the space in which we live. It should reflect us, our needs, our affinities, our personality, and not be a copy of images of other people’s interiors. I try to find and present innovative and functional solutions, which will raise the quality of life, not just photos 😁

The queen of interiors

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