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The best small bathroom ideas for 2021

Good morning my dear friends, today it’s finally time for tips and tricks. You can read more about the best small bathroom tips and tricks for this year. Yeah, it would be a kind of an update of my last articles. Also, if you didn’t read my last I’ll put here some very important links.

Here is some new info about small bathroom tips

New info no.1: One of the first top bathroom trends in 2021 we want to mention is the glass shower, which has become a must item in every modern bathroom.

Glass showers are so popular this year, that even if you don’t like a completely enclosed shower. You can choose from the design side only one small part where you separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom.
The best small bathroom

No.2: Now a little about the trend of tiles that will be a hit this year, but you can still hear my opinion below. Geometric and patterned tiles are one of the leading bathroom trends in 2021 that come in plenty of different shapes, textures.

This style of tiles from my design side I would recommend in larger bathrooms, to play around a bit with these patterns. While I hang out for smaller bathrooms you play with solid color tiles. Place lighter solid tiles on the walls above. While laying darker tiles on the floor by one to two shades difference than they are on the wall.

Only then do you turn your small bathroom into one of the most wonderful places, for relaxation but also for gathering energy.

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No.3: White marble is a timeless, sophisticated material that does not seem to age. In fact, it is one of the exquisite bathroom trends 2021, which can be used both for floors and walls.

The best small bathroom

No.4: Creative SinksWhat adorns each bathroom in particular should be a sink in addition to tiles. Yes, today there are so many different sink designs that will make a real Boom for less money! in your bathroom.

What has become a trend in bathrooms in the last 5 months is the combination of wood and porcelain. Of course, I mean a wooden sink combined with a sink.

The best small bathroom
The trend dates back to 1878. So interesting, that you will be able to find it at very low prices.

Especially if they are in colors, so you combine white and wood color. And to that, you add another smaller bouquet as a decoration on the sink. The ideal combination. Write in the comment what you think.

The previous picture introduces us to a great trend that has been going on for a very long time, and that is the accents on golden fountains, showers, but also fountains.

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