The Best Idea for bedroom design under $200

Good afternoon, my dear friends. This afternoon I’ll write more about the best idea for bedroom design if you have a small bedroom. Some people can’t design a bedroom for a high price to look luxury or to like from a magazine bedroom.

But, because I know sometimes, you must buy something else and you don’t have enough money to design your bedroom. So, I decided to help you with that, and share with you my little tricks on how they do it.

I have $150- $200, can I makeover my bedroom, is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. Just follow my tips and you can get ideas for bedroom design.

First must paint your room

  1. You can paint 15-35 square ft for $60 this is when you paint just 35 square and it’s very great
  2. If you like the color you can choose some paint color for your bedroom. I’m also write about that. For more information about paint and who to choose, click here.
  3. Buy some decorations for your bedroom you can find some little and great decorations $10-$15. You can find, or you can make your own.

In these next pictures, you can saw how it looks like when you have fun when you paint your bedroom in a favorite color.

Best Ideas for bedroom design under $150
Best Ideas for bedroom design

Now it’s time for tips

Tip 1: If you have colors on the warm side of the spectrum choose a white with warm undertones. Warm whites are creamy with buttery or beige undertones.

T2: If you are painting more than one room in the same white it is important to see that color in all of your spaces as daylight on the north side of your home will be different from daylight on the south side of your home.

2. Paint bedroom doors

Yeah, why not. It’s great when you already paint your bedroom why don’t you paint doors. This is so cheaper when you paint in a full bedroom than when you especially paint the door. And it’s cost: (Sticky tape $5 maybe it’s cheaper than $5) + (paint color what you want maybe some $8) it’s $13 and it’s almost free. And one thing to use is your imagination and be creative.

Paint your door and be your own designer.

If you have inside your bedroom LCD you can frame it. It’s great. If you don’t like art on the wall and you can hang your LCD on the wall then frame. If you don’t find a wooden frame you can buy decorative plastic and just add your LCD inside that plastic.

3. Add decorative edge lamps

One other Idea for bedroom design is to add inside your bedroom some great lamps. It will be very romantic when you turn off your ceiling lights and turn on your edge lamps.

Decorative lamps for your bedroom edge.

T3: What I recommend for you, and it’s more recommend if you love romantic accessories is Quantum Lamp Touch. Love this, and it’s very easy to hang on the wall because it’s sticky.

4. Change bed fame

It’s so cheap when you change your bed frame. Or you can paint your bed frame. If you have some color paint in some box you can use. Pour some water into it, mix it with a paintbrush and that’s all ready to paint your bed frame.

  • Put your primer on in long brush strokes, making sure not to cover your bed in a solid paint color. 
  • Do the same technique for footboard and side rails if you have them.
  • Put your first coat of white paint over primer in long brush strokes again, but this time covering more of the wood.
  • BELOW:  Headboard 3 coats, Footboard 2 coats.  Can you tell how the headboard has more coverage on it than the footboard?
  • Now you can put on your wax, let dry, and rag/buff off.  Put on more coats of wax if you want a shinier finish.
Idea for bedroom design

So, that’s it for this afternoon. I want to thanks you for this picture this last pictures is from this site.

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