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The Best Home Color Palette for Each MBTI in 2020

Good morning my dear friends. Today I’ll write a very interesting topic just for your personality. So today my topic is in full: The best home color palette for each MBTI Personality type? Let’s start at hehe!!

Your MBTI type and color psychology can help bring some insight into not only the best color palettes. For you but also why you’re drawn to them in the first place. Check out your type below and see which color palette suits your home best.

ENFP: Sunset Orange, Ocean Blue, Pale Yellow

ENFP’s give off exuberant energy that draws others to them, while also containing depth in thought and conversation. A bright hue such as a sunset orange that grabs people’s attention makes perfect sense, paired with an ocean blue and a pale yellow that helps balance things out. Best e.g is living room design down below.

The Best Home Color Palette

INFP: Soft Blues, Bright Pinks, Different Shades of Each in Between

You have a reputation for having your head in the clouds, so it’s no surprise that colors associated with the sky would suit you well! Soft shades of blue and white are gentle and classic, but other shades of light pink, purple.

The Best Home Color Palette

ENTP: Navy, Turquoise, Orange

Your ideas are limitless, but your emotional side is reserved and a little cynical. You like darker shades that give a great base to work with. Such as a deep navy blue, and pairing them with bright, contrasting hues.

INTP: Dark Green, Gray, Black

You’re intellectually intense and prefer to fly under the radar, but that doesn’t mean you’re bored with your color choices. You prefer to lean into darker shades like hunter green, gray, and black.

The Best Home Color Palette

ESFJ: Pink, Pale blue, Light Gray

You love to make others feel comfortable and taken care of, so you lean towards lighter hues that feel open. Shades of soft pink and pale blue are tried and true staples in the color wheel. And adding a color like light gray provides some contrast without going too stark with white or black.

ISFJ: Teal, Various shades of Blue and Green

You have a caring and sensitive heart, but you tend to reserve yourself when it comes to others. You have a caring and sensitive heart, but you tend to reserve yourself when it comes to others. 

ESTJ: Lighter Neutrals 

You have a strong appreciation for traditional methods, but you don’t want to stay in one place. You feel most comfortable with lighter neutrals! Shades of white, beige, light brown, and even light grey. Give you a sense of togetherness, without harshing your motivation with darker shades.

ISTJ: Traditional Neutrals

You have a deep sense of respect for traditional ideas, much like an ESTJ. You believe if something isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it. Shades of cream, dark brown, dark gray, and even charcoal give plenty of contrast without stepping too far outside the box

The Best Home Color Palette

ENFJ: Deep Purple, Pink, Gray

You have a heart that genuinely seeks to love other people and make them feel safe with you. Deep purple shades aren’t overwhelming or overly bright, but they still give off the vibe of feeling safe and comfortable. Pair them with a darker gray tone and you’ll have some structure to pull things together!

The Best Home Color Palette

ISTP: Gray, Orange, Hunter Green

You don’t mind going a different route with things as long as it’s more productive, and you believe most things can be improved.  You gravitate towards darker tones. Such as gray and hunter green that aren’t as approachable, but throwing in color such as orange helps stimulate your mind.

The Best Home Color Palette

So, if you want to know more about colors for your home, please be free and click here. Also, if you want to know which is your MBTI personality click here and find out. Then back here on my page and design your home in the best colors for your personality.

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