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The Best Bold design for your living room in 2020

Good morning my dear friends, how are you. I am very disappointed ’cause Google Adsense remove my ads from my website. I want to know before I continue with today’s post. How I can click on the ads from another country because Google is removing my ads because of that. I really don’t believe it. So, for today my topic is The Best Bold design for your living room!

What is mean Bold design, how you can use in your home?!

The Best Bold design
The Best Bold design

This design is simple and yet on the other hand luxurious looking. All of you who are not sure how to arrange your apartment. Or your current home and then move out more easily without any trouble. It is very important to have simple things, furniture and carpet in the living room.

And in this picture you have three dominant this time we will say base colors that are there to blend easily and simply. If you are starting with colorful colors then stick to the colors you have chosen. Here the three colors are: pink, white and yellow.

While other colors mostly complement and beautify the feeling in the room. What actually calls the Bold design is that the carpet is black. It is this rug that serves to enhance all the tones in the room and create a pleasing image to the eye.

The Best Bold design

TIP: In each of these next images that I will post to you below, just pay attention to the base colors. My advice to all of you, who are not sure when you go shopping for furniture but also paint for your home. Make it easier by choosing three base colors, and I’m sure your purchase will be a lot easier.

The Best Bold design

This next photo is too stuffy and I have a feeling maybe I’m wrong. That when guests come they just come to take pictures in this room and then put a blanket over the furniture to keep it from getting dirty.

And that’s it. And yes, let me tell you that most of the rich people in the world you see in the pictures do not sit in these beautiful huge salons at all but have some room in which to stay. Large salons are mostly for guests to envy how they enjoy.

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  1. Ja sam se dugo vremena furala na ovo, boje ludilo i ovo je na prvu super.. poslije brzo nekako dojadi i mijenjao bi

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