The 10 Best KARE design touches for a beautiful home

Good morning, my dear friends, today I want to share with you some beautiful accessories that you must have in your home!  The 10 Best KARE design touches for a beautiful home, are handpicked just for you. For a long list of absolutely stunning home décor details, download the KARE design catalog for this year. If you are ready, let’s start.

Here you can find the 10 best Kare touches for your home

#1 Table Lamp Animal Rabbit Gold 68cm- One of the must-have accessories is certainly this adorable bunny, which will delight everyone at first sight. The cute golden bunny holds the lampshade in such a charming way. Such pieces add a lot of personalities and are the thing that turns an apartment into a home. That’s why I singled it out as the top of my list and a definite must-have in your home.

The 10 Best KARE design
You can also find this beautiful bunny in white, with a pink lampshade.

#2 Armchair Water Lily BeigeIf you are someone who spends a lot of time sitting in front of a screen and want to feel comfortable while watching a movie, this elegant chair can in no time double as a sofa in small rooms. It adds style and charm to any unused room corners. Above all, in it, you will feel like a star. It is this armchair that will refresh your room and make it grand. You deserve it, don’t you!

Time to present amazing furniture from KARE design

#3 Infinity sofaFor stylish living For a modern living oasis at home, try this cozy corner sofa that looks so elegant and inconspicuous. The neutral tone, clear design, and super comfortable upholstery are the secret of this sofa where you can relax, sit or lie down. Infinity upholstered furniture is available in other variants. I like to try something like these sofas 😛

Here, as you can see, your Leo is sitting on a most comfortable Infinity sofa, and I must admit, as a designer, I’m thrilled with it. Another benefit: it’s modular. Remember LEGO block? This sofa is just like a famous toy. You can play rearranging its modules all day long. In a wink of an eye, you can turn it into a comfortable bed for your guests.

What about sideboards, hmm…

#4 Sideboard Milano 180This high-end furniture collection stands for exquisite, Italian elegance. Perfect proportions, the use of premium materials, and handcrafted production result in luxury class furniture. If you want to know more about this style, click here!

The furniture design of the Milano series celebrates the art of “less is more”, and gives rooms a stylish, dignified ambiance. Showcase a Milano sideboard as a statement piece in your living room.

#5 Sideboard Electro- The combination of black and white stands for both classic and modern, or in the words of the fashion icon Coco Chanel: Black simply has everything. White has it, too. The beauty of these colors is absolute, their harmony perfect. 

The 10 Best KARE design
This exquisite sideboard visually crowns the furnishings of the living room, brings excitement to the boudoir, and adds the finishing touches to the entrance hall. Because they are handcrafted of natural materials, individual pieces may differ from the illustration. Simply a must-have in any living room.

Coffee tables from paradise, now inside your living room!

#6 Coffee Table Luigi Gold (4/Set)- One table, endless possibilities! Luigi consists of four glass cubes, which together form a large coffee table – but can also be arranged individually or in pairs in different corners of a room.

This coffee table is so practical that you can separate the parts and leave just the one that best suits your needs. If you’re a fan of coffee tables like this and love golden details, don’t hesitate to order.

#7 Side Table Mystic Round (2/Set) Ø90cm- You can never have enough side tables – especially if they are so wonderfully designed and crafted. That’s why Mystic comes in pairs. When only one table is needed, the smaller one is conveniently pushed under the larger one. 

The 10 Best KARE design
That is practical, but also a pity: after all, the light and dark marble slabs look particularly elegant together. Also available in other colors.

Finally, the last two pieces on the list…

#8 Vase Graffiti Art- Like pieces of jewelry, home accessories express personality. Use an outstanding accessory like this vase with an artistic touch to decorate shelves, window sills, or a kitchen bar. It is this vase that will complete your home and your happy place will be envigorated with wonderful energy.

The 10 Best KARE design

#9 Mirror Hologram Gold- Neither round nor angular: this mirror fascinates by its organic form. Arranged as a pair on a colored wall, they look like a small art installation. Definitely, a mirror that will make your home look like a magazine photo! Who wouldn’t want to live in such a place!

If you want to order this Hologram mirror, click here!

Finally, earnest advice: follow the KARE shop in Sarajevo, if you haven’t done it already, and you can download your copy of the new KARE design catalog for 2021 free of charge, compliments of Mr. Leo. Today, I handpicked from it top 10 KARE design touches for a beautiful home just for you.

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