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Small Master Bedroom Design in 2020

Good morning my friends, how are you today? I’m fine, even if it’s raining in my city today 🙁 But when I’m feeling good, nothing can change that feeling. So, in the last few days, I’ve received one question at my “How to design a small room so that it looks like a master bedroom visually” Please, Leo, help me ?!

How to have Master in small bedroom?

Are you sure you are wondering how to design by myself or call one of the interior designers to help me with the bedroom decoration ?! Of course, anything is possible today, even that. So I recommend that you take a paper and pen and “grab” the notes. I have the perfect idea for you!

Small Master Bedroom Design
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Tip 1: When you have a small room, you first start from the walls. Always choose a combination of two styles in this case. My recommendation is Scandinavian style when it comes to walls, and choose another style at your discretion. The second style can be: modernist, cozy style, minimalist, traditional, Belgian, French, and many others.

Surely it does steam your ear for why I put Scandinavian style on the walls. Here is an explanation below in the next paragraph.

Scandinavian style is best for you because if you have a smaller space white walls besides being the right refreshment for the walls. And if you also have windows in your bedroom, white walls will only increase the room’s spaciousness. I love this great idea, and it’s very important it is your first time designing your own bedroom.

T2: It is very important that if you are not a fan of Scandinavian style. You can brush each other, but the recommendation from me, as a longtime designer, is to use white walls for smaller rooms. And if it is a larger bedroom then my advice would be to paint one wall in a larger bedroom.

Small Master Bedroom Design
Small Master Bedroom Design

T3: After we have chosen the style of decoration of our space, we painted the walls. The next is to order or buy your big bed. You can also design your own bed. And you will read more here about it in my article about it.


One other Idea for bedroom design is to add inside your bedroom some great lamps. It will be very romantic when you turn off your ceiling lights and turn on your edge lamps.

Small Master Bedroom Design

T5: What I recommend for you, and it’s more recommend if you love romantic accessories is Quantum Lamp Touch. Love this, and it’s very easy to hang on the wall because it’s sticky.

Small Master Bedroom Design

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