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How to design a small balcony to look fabulous

Good morning, my friends, spring is almost here. It’s time to write more about how you can design your small balcony design ideas. A friend of mine asked me last night if I could give her an idea of how she could design her own small balcony. Today’s title is: How to design a small balcony to look fabulous gave her some cool ideas? She says when she tidies up her balcony with my ideas, she’ll send me what her balcony looks like after remodeling.

How to design a small balcony to get a nice comfortable feeling?

Before I start with the questions of dear readers, I must tell you that this article has been updated today. I’m here to help you, I have some very great Ideas. You don’t need more money to get the best visually large balcony. Here are the best tips for you.

Tip 1: First of all, you need to clean your balcony. This means: remove all existing things from your balloon, and take the jogger and wipe the tiles on the floor.

Tip 2: If the existing color of your balcony has not proven effective in expanding visually, then it’s time to change your color. This is one of the greatest small balcony design ideas. Usually, everyone uses white for disinfection, though if you are not a fan of neutral, you get some shades of some of your favorite colors.

You must be careful about color. Because you don’t need a small balcony because it’s not too large. You have a small balcony and you need to look large.

The next thing that is very popular and will be especially popular in 2020/2021 is to arrange your balcony as a garden. Then you have a small garden very romantic but in your apartment or your balcony. This is some great inspiration for what I write here.

How to design a small balcony

Tip 3: As you will see in some of the following pictures. Buy a carpet that looks like grass on your balcony. Just a little tip when choosing, look to buy this carpet that is softer and makes a paradise feel under your feet.

Grass carpet for balcony, and get your best small balcony design ideas

It’s time to set up a table and chairs. There is one fantastic trick here. Buy a table from which you can pull out small chairs.

Otoman 4 four
Best otoman for your small balcony

If you have pets, cats or dogs, your new balcony will be adored by them as well. We are not done yet, we have 3 more details that are not bypassed. Tip 4: Buy beautiful flowers, because as they say, a garden without flowers is sad and empty. So your balcony without flowers in colors is not a balcony.

Tip 5: There are certainly various other tips, what I did not mention above is lighting. Yes, if you have loggias. The most important thing is to pay attention to the color of the interior of the balcony. My advice after a year of active daily writing. Yes, for balconies and terraces it goes best: gray (only one wall) combination with beige, wood color, green, pink, orange.

Tip 6: You can arrange a large or small balcony space very nicely by making something like the picture above. The storage balcony is so effective that you will want to have this too. And as I said above in tip 5, the colors ideal for balconies are really the best and highest quality. Of course there are definitely white and beige colors that will contribute to every good. Yes if you had a color before then it’s time to freshen up to a lighter shade.

A proposal for the design of the floor of your balcony, it is this wooden floor that fits simply and easily. It is flexible and fits like Lego bricks, which you probably all know how to fit. Except this floor is so simple, let me say neutral.

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