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Renovate your bathroom for 1700$ very easy to look great

Hello, my dear friends today I want to try to write about bathroom renovation. Yeah, like I just said this is a very useful topic for everyone. My topic is: “Renovate your bathroom for 1700$ very easy to look great” So let’s start step by step with explain how you can do this.

What do you need to know before you start your renovation?
Renovate your bathroom

Before we even start renovating, we have to plan down to the smallest detail. Of course, we all initially set a budget that we can go to the maximum. However, of course, there will be a situation when we “break the limit” and then patch up later. In our case, that’s a $ 1,700 limit. In the currency of my country, Bosnia and Herzegovina it is almost 3,000 marks.

Let me explain at the outset, that this renovation is middle class. What does that mean? This means that it is not a luxury and it is not a classic bathroom, because we will buy some parts and materials that are like for a luxury bathroom.

The roughly priced price range for glue, emulsion, tar, and master craftsmen costs $ 500 for an area of 20 square meters.

Tiles sink for bathroom, shower and fountain, water heater …

The most expensive thing or material on which the most money should be invested is certainly tiles. Now I will write a little about it, which tiles are in trend.

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In this picture there is a luxury bathroom with full elements. But what I want to show you is the marble tile model is really popular. So basically calculate half of your budget should go to your tiles. Calculate both floor and wall tiles. Because you can’t work the bathroom halfway.

Of course, to be clear in this price above in the title I stated. I did not include changing the pipes or removing the older tiles. That’s the price for a bathroom. Of course, the price goes over $ 2,000 if you work to be bass full done and to be top-notch.

More about colors and styles…

What I want to recommend to you is to choose a quality interior designer who will plan it all. In my case, for the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina, choose her @zerinezinger, she is a really great designer.

Renovate your bathroom

I will not go into details, I leave it to you as the owners. What do you prefer, what bathroom styles? Do you like showers or walk-in showers? The most I can advise you is to have two tile colors in the bathroom. Dark and light color shades. Read more about it here at this link.

If you want no matter the price to make your bathroom or toilet look luxurious. There is definitely Art Deco that will give everything with details and decorative moldings in gold color a specialty. It is important to mention the lighting in the bathroom because without it, everything else “falls into the water”.

Here is some example for more about styles.

On my blog, you can find the color and type of tiles, but also the styles of bathrooms that are best for a smaller or larger bathroom. Be sure to share my blog on your networks so everyone can come and read and find something for themselves. Don’t forget to click here on “Renovate your bathroom for 1700$ very easy to look great

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