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Renovate living room in modern style, with easy steps

Good morning my dear friends, today I want to present my own idea for a new look for the room. Yeah, I want in this summer, renovate my living room. So, I decided to share with you my plan for this great renovation. My title for this topic is how to renovate the living room in modern style, with easy steps! So, if you are ready let’s start with my renovating plan.

How to renovate the living room in modern style?

Renovate living room
Renovate living room

As you can see in my stay I am the first thing I plan to do as soon as the weather is nice. To make a passage instead of what the door is now. Because I want to make that open concept. Since it is a very large apartment, it will be complete with this passage as well.

As you can see, I created a slightly darker shade of pink here, because in addition to yellow, gray, and beige shades. This kind of corner set can be a real hit.

Renovate living room

I could say that with this color combination, you can get on that special concept. My living room is about 20 m2, and with these colors, I adjusted it to look complete. Of course, I must mention that these colors and the idea will make smaller squares more luxurious.

Which colors did I use here?

For the corner set I took the color (pink – raspberry color);
The stool is pink;
The walls are cappuccino-colored – because they get the best out of the room;
The curtains are neutral;
The carpet has by itself: yellow, gray, and brown;
I combined the other chests of drawers in white and pink gold.

Renovate living room

Across from the corner set, I put a slightly darker shade of pink. Because with these wonderful colors, you can get out of a messy room, to be like from a magazine.

Yes also, regardless of the colors, which are really luxurious and really change the complete look of the room. Decorations in space play an important role. From the decoration I chose: A floor lamp that you can see in the corner of the room, there are definitely pillows: a floral design. Also, decorative paintings on the wall are of immense importance, as are those that are artistic and inspiring.

Renovate living room
Renovate living room

This style somehow draws on a combination of two styles that are very popular today. And those are Scandinavian and modern style. There are of course some more elements of shabby style also I think it’s mostly that. Below you can see an ultra-wide photo of the whole room, I’m sure I inspired you. Both with colors and with styles and combinations.

Renovate living room

I hope I helped you, roughly to use the right colors in your space. Now it’s just up to you where you will use these colors.

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