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Renovate a large studio of 55 m2 to look luxurious

Good morning my dear friends, today I want to share great ideas on how you can renovate your huge studio. Yes, you read that right! This idea is appropriate if you are a young married couple looking for their apartment for the first time and still want something great. My title today will be: Renovate a large studio of 55 m2 to look luxurious! Sounds great, but with these great ideas, you can do a lot for your living room. If you want to learn or want one great 3D project for your home, contact me!

Let’s start with great ideas, and what you can expect

At the very beginning, but also with the owner of this studio. it was all one big space. None of the partition walls existed. And since this large studio apartment was taken by a newlywed young couple, I came up with the idea to design it to look like a one-bedroom apartment. This studio has 55m2 where the living room itself is 30 m2. Later you will see that the kitchen is planned to be in the hallway. What I did, you can see below, step by step.

Renovate a large studio
This is how look like a floorplan

Step 1: In these 30 m2 living rooms, I decided to halve the room. I decided to take 15m2 for another space, and that is a bedroom that has a closet and a bed. And the living room I think is solid to be 15 m2. Inside the living room, I made one partition wall, to make it look like an open concept. It is very popular today when you have one such space. Of course, it can be a sliding door. But I decided for these purposes to be an open concept. To make it easier to get to the things you need. But of course later and when night falls to sleep.

This is my living room ideas in 15 m2!

Step 2: As you can see here is a living room of 15 m2 which is after I did the planning. I just have no words, he is so fantastic that I gave him the name Fantasy. I stuck to a style that is a combination of Modern, Scandinavian and Eclectic. Together when you blend these three styles into one it gets the name Urban Style. The colors are pastel, while on the walls where the window and tv are there are decorative colors.

Renovate a large studio

S3: Parquet is light in color if you know what beech means. What’s more, it “enhances” the space to look luxurious. Of course, I also placed flowers and art paintings there. Chandelier with gold details (leaves) and a floor lamp in the corner. In each room, there is ceiling molding, which gives this space a special feature.

Is it worth partitioning a large living room, and getting one super room?

Let me tell you right away, it’s worth it! Not only will you get a larger room, but it will also look like it was planned earlier. This is my idea, which you can take full advantage of, and I’m sure you’ll get great space. Now my big studio looks like a one-bedroom apartment. This is a very popular option for all married couples, who can not decide whether to buy a studio or a one-bedroom apartment.

Renovate a large studio

S4: Since you are just at the beginning of your life together, I planned to install an American Scandinavian-style closet within this 15 m2. Which fit perfectly into space. So now that room has a really nicer look really luxurious. Of course, the owners approve of me setting up your living room and bedroom. While in the kitchen and bathroom, I leave when there is a final finish. Where they will also report live via Instagram.

Renovate a large studio
Here in this section, I made a small contrast with the images. Something like a mini gallery, with the artwork. I didn’t decide to put on a dresser, just so I wouldn’t create an “overcrowding effect”.

Here in this section, I opted for a decorative-reflective wall. Which, when the sun rises, will let its rays beautifully into the room. So it will make this space gain in visual size. You should always work on the details, every detail contributes to a more beautiful look.

Renovate a large studio

S5: As for choosing a style in this part of the living room which is now the bedroom. I hesitated between the two styles. These are certainly minimalist styles but also contemporary. Since when you sit in the living room you only see the pictures that are right there in the middle. You would think it was a minimalist style. However, upon entering the room, this contemporary style prevails. And because of my indecision, they both stayed. So you’ll see what it looks like when one style complements another.

Renovate a large studio
It is that one could say Scandinavian wardrobe. Which I designed and “inserted” into the room.

Always before the start, my advice is well-intentioned. Don’t rush in right away when you see some top-notch home or room decoration style on the internet. Save that photo, or video if you saw it on YouTube. Then, find a good interior designer but also a decorator. Talk about what you like, how it all looks. Only with the help of an interior designer can you save a lot of money and nerves.

Below are ultra-wide photos for the living room and bedroom …

This is what it looks like with an ultra-wide camera. I am fascinated by the picture you currently see of the living room but also a small part of the bedroom.

Here is the most beautiful bedroom in urban style. There may be you who are not a fan of these styles, but my advice is to always try to bring colors and super styles into your home. This interior design, from a large studio to a one bedroom apartment I did in a month. Of course, a quality project requires a lot of effort. It takes a lot of work and sacrifice to create a luxury home out of “nothing”.

Here you could read and get a fantastic idea for renovation. And on the topic: Renovate a large studio of 55 m2 to look luxurious! For more ideas on home decoration, as well as all the interesting tips, click here and visit the full page. Don’t forget to e-mail me if you have some interesting ideas to You may also find me on Instagram @mr.leohodzic.


  1. Ugodno i vrlo lijepo iskorišten prostor malih dimenzija. Dizajn i boje lijepo usklađene sa potrebama i željama vlasnika. Odlično i kvalitetno uraden posao, bravo Leo

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