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Read an interview I did for a popular Bonjour magazine

Hello my dear friends, today I want to share with you an amazing Interview. So, my topic will be this: Read an interview I did for a popular Bonjour magazine, and find out some great details. I will translate the complete interview for you here so you can read it.

Read an interview I did
This is an interview they did with me, the team from magazine

In With Leo‘ is the name of a blog where you will find tips and tricks on decorating your home from week to week, as well as interviews with ladies and men whose living spaces attract and inspire.
You reading: Read an interview I did for a popular Bonjour magazine

Leo lives in Sarajevo, is also involved in graphic design, and has recently become a master of human rights. As he revealed to us, he got the best advice on decorating his home from his mom. “As a graphic designer, I manage as they say” on my own.” Interior design is something I’ve lived 24 hours a day since I was a child. I like to decorate my home and always add something and that makes me happy.” – he revealed to us at the beginning of our conversation.

Read an interview I did
Read an interview I did
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What makes your blog special in the domestic market?

My blog differs in many ways from others in the domestic market. Namely, I am the only blogger who writes about interior design, and recently I added sections: interview, travel, and lifestyle. Besides, I’m the only blogger who writes in English. And that makes me special. I definitely recommend you to visit my blog and find great tips, but also style for your home.

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