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Prepare your backyard for amazing days this summer

Good morning, my dear friends! How are you, today. Today, in Europe it is hot finally and the temperature goes 35 high and it’s great. So, this morning I’ll write about how to prepare your backyard for amazing summer days? Very great topic. So, let’s start with this adventure 🙂

Where have you been, and where you can buy great things for your yard?

Yesterday, afternoon I was decided to go to our very near place named OBI. It’s a very amazing place where you can buy any stuff for your home. So, some things for the kitchen for e.g kitchen sink are not too much high price not too much low price. Maybe, I can say it’s in the middle of the prices. You can buy what you need for your home if you renovate it.

Picture is from my phone and you can find on @inwithleo

This is one very interesting beige kitchen. So it’s very great design if your kitchen L-shape. I love L-shaped kitchen, because you can add more elements inside.

This is very similar as mine kitchen design

Look, my kitchen is I-shape so I love to use more kitchen elements because I have more dishes. This color is great, you can choose any other colors for your kitchen. You can choose a lot of color combinations. I prefer White with high shine.

Next, I find a very interesting mirror for your hallway or if you have a small room you can use this very interesting mirror design to get more visual space.

Interesting, nothing too much details on mirror, but you can use for any room.

When I picture me inside mirror one women look behind me, with question mark. It’s very funny isn’t.

Prepare your backyard

So, the next one picture it’s very interesting if you have garden. I find a frog 🙂 with simile.

Prepare your backyard
Prepare your backyard

So, if you want to know more about how design your backyard or maybe you have balcony you can visit my next few articles:

Prepare your backyard
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