Small space

Perfect idea works Always for small space

Hi my dear readers. In this post, I am writing to you about how to make a small space, no matter what room it is in your home. With the help of the following colors, you can make your rooms visually larger.

To help you understand, I will write you step by step what and how you should do it.

If your small space is actually a small space hallway, then there is a very cheap solution

 Solution for larger small bedroom hallway

Your small space is very narrow, and you have changed the color of your walls, but there is still something missing

Today, you’re in lucky because that’s exactly what I’m sharing with you about a great idea.

There are a few steps so let’s start right away:

  1. Remove everything from your hallway
  2. Buy a paint for wall painting: one bucket of white paint and one bucket of paint that is greasy
  3. Apply white paint to the side walls as well as the ceiling to the corridor or aisle wall
  4. After the first coat of paint has dried, go over with this oily color and add 3 drops of pink and gray to it
  5. The color of peach or pink will refresh your walls and make the space inspiring.
  6. Now that we’ve managed to refresh the small space with another color, it’s time for the other details.

Now we’re very close!

Buy it, it’s at least cheap everywhere small trails like gray or turquoise will make a small space great.

It’s time for the lighting, and as the pie on the cake comes the last item we need most.

It is best to buy ceiling lamps in ice color, except that saving electricity is refreshing.

When we have illuminated a small space while saving energy, it is time for the Most Important Object.

You can find a large mirror at very reasonable prices in large centers with no classic details.

Your job before installing the mirror would be to customize it if you have a little space, if necessary.

You can paint it with a gold spray and it will fit perfectly with all the details you put in earlier.

After decorating, make sure you rest, invite your friends and enjoy your creation together

Small space best solution

Conclusion: To decorate a small space, buy a large mirror, light a small space with light bulbs, paint the walls.


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