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Pandemic luxury and elegance style in 2020

Good morning my dear friends, how are you? Today I’ll write and talk about how you can design your home space to look very luxurious and elegant in this pandemic time?! Does it possible? Of course it is. Because, everyone loves to decor home when you are lockdown inside your house. I m one of those people 🙂 So the title is Pandemic luxury and elegance style colors.

Even though you are at home, it doesn’t matter to you when you take matters into your own hands and start work. It doesn’t have to be huge work, but start with cleaning, vacuuming, and then you will come up with an idea of what to do in your apartment or home.

What is luxury and elegance style, as it too much expensive or…

For something luxurious and elegant to look or feel does not necessarily mean that it is always expensive.

Here is some picture how it’s look like luxury and elegance style.

Pandemic luxury and elegance
Pandemic luxury and elegance

As you can see in the picture, the elements that make up this room or this apartment. You can find a lot less money. For example, you could arrange a room like this or very similar for $ 500 to $ 2000. I love when I have some plan in my head. That I feel great.

Picture from interiors_dd

Once again you can see how it looks like when you have two colors inside your living room. I love these colors and it’s very popular all around.

Pandemic luxury and elegance colors


This hue adds a warm, traditional look to interiors. Pair it with navy for a country manor look. Paint one wall in this hue for an attractive, striking accent to navy furniture, especially in living rooms.

Rosewood also is a lovely color for upholstery fabrics, especially luxe finishes such as velvet. It gives the room a rich look. It speaks of time-honored solidity and dependability.

Let’s see how it looks like this color combination inside the living room. Here a few pictures.

For more about this great two combination colors, just visit my another article here.

Pandemic luxury and elegance

This kind of design done by my interiors_dd friends is phenomenal. If these are readings, and I’m sure they will read because I read me every post. That these colors are ideal for refreshing your home just after this pandemic.

Speaking of these colors that are very luxurious and stylish for every home, don’t forget to add a little more “luxury detail” of course to the extent. Make sure you buy a chair that has edges or likes the one in the picture with golden edge steps.

Pandemic luxury and elegance

Again, I must point out that here, as in every picture of a tidy room, there is always one rule. You already know what the rule is. Yes, 60-30-10. Always, when decorating your home, always make sure the colors are arranged properly.

In the room of your home when you are decorating one of the rooms or the whole house. The rule is that there are 3 colors in one space for a lifetime. And that’s really what makes all that luxury and elegance.

Even in the time, we’re all in now, we have plenty of time to tidy up our homes. And to come out more successful after this life-long struggle.

Tip: Whenever you decorate your home, do not leave out the most important details. Never leave walls “blank” order a painting, it may not be artistic or the most famous in the world. Build colors, take a canvas, and get creative. Be your own master.

For a beautiful art painting you do not need all the luxury of the world to beautify your walls.

Pandemic luxury and elegance
Be your paint master

And for such a beautifully decorated space, as this apartment you do not need a rug. Because all the attention is focused on the colors of the furniture and the painting that is on the wall.

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