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New interior design trends for any home in 2021

Hi, how are you?! Today, I want to share with you very interesting news about interior design. So, today you can read more about this topic. New interior design trends for any home in the 2021 year. This is something new and useful information. Let’s start with this great news!

Hm…what would be trendy this year?

Trend 1: This year, the trend will be green in all shades on the kitchen elements. Yes, you read that right! This year, the green color combined with the beige color and the gold color will be popular.
New interior design trends

My recommendation would be yes if you opt for this color. Let it be a pastel green color. Why? You can easily combine any other color with this shade.

Second trend: Open space will always be relevant as long as there are various trends and styles. If you live in a space that has a sliding door, which you separate for example; the dining room from the living room.

New interior design trends

Feel free to remove them and you can make a very efficient passage. Or you can even assemble those two rooms so you get an open space that will always be in trend.

Something about easy trends…

#3 The kitchen designs of 2021 may swap smooth, uniform backsplashes for colorful, handcrafted ceramic tiling. Currently, as other designers in the world recommend for this year that one wall in the kitchen be colorful tiles.

It is very trendy to place a row of tiles in the kitchen above the electric stove. Especially if they have an interesting pattern, while other tiles can be lighter shades.

Apart from being interesting, it has one great feature. And that function is to protect your wall from the moisture that is created during cooking if you don’t have a hood.

#4: Industrial interior style often incorporates elements such as exposed stonework, high ceilings, wood and metal elements, and neutral colors. 

The industrial style will be more popular this year than before. So if you haven’t had a chance to apply this style before. Now is the right time to do it, and buy some detail.

New interior design trends
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#5: Also, another style that with 100 percent certainty continues its trend this year as well. This year, shabby chic style details will be great in decorating your home. More about this style you can read here!

#6: Wicker and rattan furniture will likely be trending. Especially for coffee tables that give special importance in your living room or other rooms.

#7: Natural fabrics may gain popularity over synthetics. Still, everything is more beautiful with natural materials. In the end, we all return to nature, because we came from it! If there were no natural materials, our home would not be a home full of love and that good warm atmosphere.

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