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New classic style design for living room in 2020

Good morning my dear readers and my dear friends. Today I’ll talk about the new classic design. What is exactly a new classic design, and how we can use it in our homes?! All this information and more you can find out, if you stay here with me. Also, I want to thank you for the amazing everyday comments, I’m so happy because I have real friends then great readers who really want to read something new from my site.

What is the New Classic style design?

This style also has a name as a timeless style design. If you heard somewhere ” I’ve Timeless style design in my for e.g in the living room or bedroom” you can translate I’ve New Classic style. This is not two styles this is just one style with two names.

How we can respond to this style design? This design you can respond, because in this design you have modern style and classic style too. I love so much when I have two designs in one.

New classic style design
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Like you see here is a classic carpet with a classic couch, but modern style is in detail. The table is from a modern style, decoration, and this very interesting pillows.

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All these pictures have this new classic style. For.e.g classic table and chair with modern details: a lamp with this gold color, couch with this modern pillows, art on the wall. Everything in this picture you can see has two styles in one. That’s so great if you love to mix and match these styles, this article is for you.

New classic style design
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This design and this style are so great. Why? In this design you have all freedom to design every part of your living room just like you always want. One part of your room can be modern but with classic things. I love it when I saw this style in rooms.

Which colors are the best for this style?

I recommend soft colors with light tones, for this style you can choose the beige color, baby blue, soft rose color, cream color. Also, you can use black, grey, and warm colors but only I’ll bold this ONLY on the details.

Also, I want to share with you my article where I describe more about details just for this style. You can visit here and use some great ideas for your home.

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This is important, if you want to have a room like this one please comment down below for more information.

How to choose the right floor for this style? It’s also one very tricky question. Because, when you want to renovate your e.g living room you want to have a great floor also. So, for this style I recommend laminate floor. If you don’t know what is laminate or how you can install you can visit here my article where I explain all.

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