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Modern style hallway just for your budget this summer

Good morning my dear friends, today I’ll write about your hallway. But, not in the same way. This would be very different and interesting. So, my topic would be a modern style hallway just for your budget this summer! What do you think, it’s a great way to learn ” How”

How you should start with this renovation?

The first thing you need to do is choose the right color for your hallway. If you don’t know which one is the best for you please click here and find out. This is my page, it’s create to help you and make your life easier.

Modern style hallway
Picture from prosvirin_design

After you choose the right colors for your hallway, now it’s time for designing. But, how do that? Just buy some great stuff for your hallway, for example: buy a new rug, shoe shelves, coat hanger, and some very interesting sign for the inside of the door.

Modern style hallway

Also, what you need to buy this vase and flowers. And your hallway looks so nice and very luxurious. I love it when you renovate your home for your budget and after that looks very luxurious and modern.

What I just see here, is the floor. Get focused on the floor. You can install parquet down here pro put some interesting laminate design. But for that part please click here.

What I especially love here, it’s this large mirror on the wall. This is very important if you want to get more visual space inside your hallway. Maybe your hallway is too small and tiny. And you don’t have time to brake your walls to get more space. This is an easy way to get more space inside your home.

Here you can find my first post, where I explain in the very easiest way how you can do it.

Just remember if you are the first time here, and don’t learn anything in the hole your life. Learn this: inside all your rooms you must have three colors. What does that mean? This is interior designer “little secret” 60-30-10 very great rule, click here and learn.

Modern style hallway

But if your space very dark, and you just don’t have more money what you can do. Find some old art in your garage and for the first time after some years hang on the wall. But, it’s great if you have on that art picture more then 2 colors.

Modern style hallway

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