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Meet the interior designer, a mother who shares great tips for home

Good morning my dear readers, today I have a very interesting guest for you. Today we will talk to a young mother who is from Novi Sad. And she lives in Sarajevo and inspires famous designers. But not just any designers, but home decorating ones. I invite you to read this interview. You probably already know who I’m talking about! So, my title would be: Meet the interior designer, a mother who shares great tips for home.

Let’s get to know her right away and find out a lot of interesting tips

This is Sladjana and she has this incredible Instagram account! You should follow her here @mybosnian_home
  1. Introduce yourself briefly, and try to describe yourself in 4 sentences?

My name is Sladjana, I am a wife, mother, and a woman from Novi Sad with an address in Sarajevo. I have had my Instagram blog MyBosnianHome for 2 years now, and I have been present on the YouTube scene since about a year ago.

You read the great interview: Meet the interior designer, a mother who shares great tips for home!

The blog came about spontaneously, out of my need for interior ideas. In the beginning, there were only pictures of the interior, while later it all grew into one lifestyle / my profile. I like to travel, spend time with family and friends, and grow a good series, said Sladjana.

Meet the interior designer

2. Can you tell us how you came up with the idea to go with Instagram, and the YouTube channel? What especially inspires you on this social network (Instagram) which is growing every day?

Famous mom from Instagram
This is how looks her Instagram feed, it’s a miracle!

We recently renovated the house we live in, so I started to get interested and follow similar profiles. I noticed that we do not have so many profiles that deal with the interior. So somewhere my plan was to share tips and our experience on renovating and decorating the home said Sladjana.

Meet the interior designer

I am inspired by my companions. Their messages give me the most motivation when they tell me that something on my profile was useful to them. And that they applied some advice, read a book on my recommendation or got some ideas for home decoration, cleaning, etc.

Time for interior design questions, hehe! She so an interesting person!

3. Which style of interior design do you prefer the most and why? For what style of home can you freely say that it is you? What colors do you use the most in your home?

I wasn’t guided by anything specific, I just knew I wanted pastel colors, nothing strong, intrusive, and striking. Since we were renovating the old house, we were somewhat limited by the layout of the rooms, we didn’t tear down all the walls, but some we did.

Wow, it’s so nice bathroom tiles.

The kitchen was also made to measure, my wish was to have an island, and it turned out to be a great solution. I would change a lot of that now because inspiration is constantly coming. But I refrain, and this year we are focusing on the yard.

Time for that interesting question, yeah 😀

4. Why Sarajevo, how can a woman from Novi Sad decide to live in Sarajevo? What especially attracted you to Sarajevo?!

I like to say that I came to Sarajevo once, and stayed forever – at least that’s the plan for now :). Before I started living here, I had never been to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Love brought me to Sarajevo – in short 🙂 My husband is from Sarajevo. We met in Chicago 5 years ago, we lived there for a while and decided to go back and try our luck in his native Sarajevo.

Also, I want to share with you, my dear readers. You can read more interviews like this one on my page, just click here!

5. Can my readers who follow my blog find out how and where you find inspiration for such wonderful posts and post descriptions? Is there a possibility that we who adore your work can expect maybe an ebook or a book?!

About book in the future and more…

Back in elementary school, I was the one who wrote compositions for the whole class. Out of love for writing, I also enrolled in journalism studies because I loved writing reports, columns, and small researches.

Before My Bosnian Home Instagram profile, I had my own blog while living in America – a woman from Novi Sad in Chicago – created precisely because I lacked writing there. I was doing a totally uncreative office job and was constantly scribbling something, so I started a blog.

Meet the interior designer, a mother who shares great tips for home

So the descriptions come spontaneously, sometimes I would prolong it and write a novel under each post. But the modern age and the younger population does not tolerate a lot of letters 🙂

So I make some balance 🙂 And I will write the book for sure. That is my life’s wish, When, how and about what – it remains to be seen 🙂

Something about Social media marketing…

6. Since you are a PR manager and I’m sure you enjoy it, what can you tell us about it?

In journalism studies, we had a special section on PR and marketing, and even then I was very interested in that. Coincidentally, I had contact with this business in America. I went to several additional educations and learned a lot about it.

I worked for 2 years in media houses and ran Facebook and Instagram profiles for many companies and celebrities. I have also worked on the organization of many events and happenings in Sarajevo and Novi Sad.

Meet the interior designer
These colors look so nice inside our home.

7. In your opinion, which of the colors and trends can we expect this year to be the most used in the interior?

I’m just a woman who spends a lot of time on Pinterest and is constantly figuring out what she could change, finding some DIY projects and moving furniture.

Meet the interior designer
This is Sladjana, she has this incredible Instagram account @mybosnian_home and you should follow her.

8. Finally, tell us something that readers will remember you for and follow you enthusiastically on social media?

My Bosnian Home profile is a profile where I try to be useful to you. To pick up some trick from me. Advice, idea, recommendation. I don’t like to talk in vain. I like to raise important topics, I like to hang out and exchange experiences.

Don’t forget to send me an email if you have interesting ideas on And find m on Instagram @mr.leohodzic


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