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Meet interior designers who have changed the world, into the most beautiful place!

Hello, my dear friends and readers! Today, you have the opportunity to find out who were the designers who beautified our world and made it better. You will have the opportunity to find out which design or style was the first, and how it all started long before all of us. So, I decided to talk about this long tail title :P. Meet interior designers who have changed the world, into the most beautiful place!

Meet interior designers who have changed the world

Let’s start with the most famous designer, who made every home the most beautiful place. She is Elsie de Wolfe (aka Lady Mendl) often credited with inventing the profession of an interior designer. Her designs were light and airy, filled with French furniture, chintz, and animal prints. De Wolfe designed French villas and Hollywood palaces and wrote columns for home editors. So, I can rightly say that the French style was the first. A special feature at that time but even today is the animal pattern retained on the details: such as lamps, pillows, and rugs.

Meet interior designers who have changed the world
This is what the first interior design once looked like back in the 1870s. More precisely from the 18th century! When I look a little closer, strokats are a classic and have retained that royal style to this day.

#2 Tony DuquetteThe next designer, he is known for the style used in large luxury homes today. While a little less for living spaces, because it’s a big chic. Of course, you could already guess what kind of design it is, it’s maximalist design. This style was started a long time ago by Tony Duquette together with his wife. He was a jeweler and made jewelry. That is why there is a need for “overcrowding“.

Meet interior designers
Duquette died in 1999, but his longtime business partner Hutton Wilkinson bought the property and continues to promote his legacy.

As it is noticeable, in the pictures it is a matter of “overcrowding” everything and everything. Of course, for some it is still a trend today, but honestly I would not arrange it that way. I stick to some boundaries, and combinations. Looking at it this way, you have more styles in the picture (some of them)! Whoever loves, let him love!

A golden age that will forever change the interior design

#4 Dorothy DraperAn early pioneer in interior design, Dorothy Draper founded her own company in 1923. Known for her “modern baroque” style that shone in public spaces such as hotel lobbies, theaters, and restaurants. She avoided that “retro-style” and wanted to contribute to a richer look with the help of a few colors. It gives you ideas for adding golden details. Which we all adore today because you can really confirm for yourself how important “golden details” are.
Meet interior designers

From her, the new age of design begins. After her I have to write this “breaking the rules” about the royal classic of the arrangement. It introduces, gold details in focus, as well as more floral decor and there is of course more color used. Because it really is a more beautiful home, when there are flowers and colors. Colors are life!

Why should we be grateful to Eileen Gray?!

#5 Eileen GrayAn Irish designer who designed interiors, in a futuristic look. Which is used today, and these are furniture of unusual design, and at the same time very comfortable to sit and sleep. Imagine then in 1890 thinking about a design that is still used today. The only designer who has established a balance of interior design. Where exactly was known, which detail and color go with which style? Later, its design in the villa became a national monument under the rule of UNESCO.

Meet interior designers
This is what the interior design she initiated and applied looked like. Just like today’s furniture, which was a big step for humanity in that period.

I hope that many of you will find yourself as a designer and that we will have more interesting design ideas in the future. Basically, we can freely say that there were mostly women who were inventors of styles. And that it all starts and ends in the French style! Even today we can see, details of the French style, in every home. They are there, no matter what style we apply.

Meet interior designers

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