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Meet an interesting woman who inspired France designers

Good morning, my dear friends how are you?! Today, it’s time for a third interview this new happy year. In this interview, you will meet an interesting woman who inspired France designers. So, let’s meet this interesting woman.

Time for introduced herself…

  1. Introduce yourself briefly, and try to describe yourself in 4 sentences, I know it’s hard

Her name is Maksida, she is 33 years old and grew up in Tuzla and today she has lived in Austria for 14 years. Loves the interior and loves positive and honest people. She is a reliable person, I work hard and she thinks she is very honest, as a person. She believes that these qualities, in fact, make her a good person.

You should follow her this is her Instagram account @__xidamahome

2. I know you love to decorate your home, what is it that inspired you to start this wonderful hobby?

As you stated the interior I love and do purely out of a hobby and love of details and photography. Probably because I have always loved that everything is in its place, I always chose special colors and stayed true to my personal vision of the interior.

Meet an interesting woman
Meet an interesting woman

Now it’s time to speak about interior design, read more…

3. Which style of interior design do you prefer the most and why? What inspires you, what style of home can you say is you?

It is definitely classic and elegant. And in all of this, I attach importance to the little things and the warmth of home said Maksida.

As you can see in some of her posts, elegance definitely prevails. And what inspired me and where I asked her for this interview are the colors because as you know beige color is definitely always in trend.

If you can remember, what I wrote not so long ago in my post about a mirror with a beautiful frame that gives a more beautiful look to the room. But it also adds importance to the visual effect, larger rooms.

4. How do you find inspiration for such a beautifully decorated feed on Instagram?

I’ve always loved seeing nicely arranged colors. She played with combinations and when I realized that some colors were hanging I gave them up. And I attached importance to those on the profile.

Truly her profile, evokes so much positive energy. Sometimes when you go into this profile it’s like leafing through some magazine that delights with each new list.

Time for travel question, are you ready?!

5. Do you like to travel, where did you travel before this pandemic, can you tell us something about that trip? Tell an anecdote or send a picture? Or where would you have a desire to go on a trip?

Meet an interesting woman who inspired France designers

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I love it! I have visited most of Europe for the past 5 years, I do not plan to stop and continue when this situation in the world calms down. The biggest impression on me was left by Istanbul and Tuscany. And Paris of course!

Her wish is to visit Morocco and Cairo, maybe even the Maldives!

7. Finally, tell us something that readers will remember you for and follow you enthusiastically on social media? (it can be a quote, an instructive sentence / thought or whatever comes to mind)

You are reading an incredible interview: Meet an interesting woman who inspired France designers

Definitely stay your own, original, develop your imagination, rush to the top and make your dreams come true. “Because the impossible becomes possible only if you want enough.”

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