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Meet a woman who makes very interesting and useful…

Good morning my dear friends and my lovely readers. Firstly I want to wish Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope so, that you are together with your family together. Regardless of these prohibition measures. And to celebrate this most wonderful and joyful holiday together. So, for on the Xmas, I want to give you an amazing Interview with a great woman. My topic is: “ Meet a woman who makes very interesting and useful things

Hey, let’s meet her and read what she likes

I know I am in the first paragraph add more sentences but what I can do. This is a very interesting interview. So, let’s start with the questions.

  1. Introduce yourself briefly, and try to describe yourself in 4 sentences, I know it’s hard.

Hello, my name is Irmela Kadić and I live in Visoko. I consider myself a great creative person who makes something useful and beautiful out of nothing. I am a lover of interior design and my home is the place I love the most.

Meet a woman
This is her Instagram account, so you know what to do. Let’s follow her @irmela.kadic and find very interesting posts and videos just for ourselves.

2. Can you tell us how you came up with the idea to go with Instagram and this beautiful profile with lots of inspiring details?

I created an Instagram profile two years ago and initially only followed some foreign profiles. So I came up with the idea to share pictures of my home so that I could be an inspiration for someone to decorate. She thinks she has a lot to show because almost everything in her home, her husband, kids, and she, did on their own.

You read: Meet a woman who makes very interesting and useful things
This is how look living room, very trendy and very inspiring.

3. Which style of interior design do you prefer the most and why? What is it that inspires you, what style of home can you freely say that it is you?

I can’t decide on just one style, and I haven’t taken into account what he agrees with for a long time. Somehow everything can fit in nicely if a person knows how and if he gives the space something of his own, some personal stamp.

Meet a woman
This is an interview with a woman who makes very interesting and useful things in their home.

Now it’s time for the greatest part of this interview

4. What do you find inspiration for such a beautifully arranged feed on Instagram? Can I be free and say that you are the initiator of all women on Instagram for home decoration 🙂

I am very happy because of the large number of women who follow me and try to do something on their own when they see that I do it too. Many wrote to me that they went to the flea market for the first time and bought some great decoration for minimal money.

This is Irmela, and she deserved to get a great prize. Because she is a mover to many women.

5. Do you expect a few quality DiY videos from you soon?

I hope there will be something 😊

6. I know that you, like me, are a fan of colors, which three colors in the coming period in your opinion will be the total BOOM in the world of interior design?

I don’t think any color gives the space freshness and elegance like white, possibly light gray and beige. Still, I like to “spice up” the white a bit, so I painted the wall in the hallway black.

You read: Meet a woman who makes very interesting and useful things

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Meet a woman
Of course, visit her profile and enjoy their amazing profile. Don’t forget to follow her @irmela.kadic

7. Finally, tell us something that readers will remember you for and follow you enthusiastically on social media? (it can be a quote, an instructive sentence / thought or whatever comes to mind).

You read: You read: Meet a woman who makes very interesting and useful things

I have really great communication with my companions and based on the messages and questions I receive, I see that I am followed by women who are creative. I do not represent any perfect life and luxury, but I try to motivate women to make something beautiful and perfect for them from what they have.

Hope so that you enjoy in this amazing interview, and I hope that her sense of home design will inspire you and that you will enjoy and start decorating your home.

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