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Meet a very interesting designer who is very inspiring

Hello, my dear readers! Today you have a very good guest on my blog. She is a very inspiring woman, and she is also a fashion designer. If you want to meet her and something about her stay here. So, for this amazing woman, I decided to put a great title. Meet a very interesting interior designer who is very inspiring. This is my first interview this year. So, friends, we don’t want to waste time. Let’s start with the interview!

Time to meet this designer…

  1. Introduce yourself briefly, and try to describe yourself in 4 sentences?

Her name is Leda, she lives in Varaždin, she is a clothing designer who has a small brand for making handbags. She is in love with beautiful interiors, married to Mark, owner of a small sphynx kitten Emily.

Hey, this is her with so sweet cat Emily. You should follow her on Instagram @ledaboss

2. Can you tell us how you came up with the idea to start with Instagram and a wonderful business with handmade bags? I just see every day that you inspire women, girls, you just inspire everything.

Wow, this is her condo, and guess what I love these colors!

Ever since I was little I loved fashion, and since high school, I started making fashion accessories — mostly bags. Instagram was my outlet from work, eventually, it turned into a casual job too said, Leda.

Meet a very interesting  designer
This is her Instagram feed, it’s wonderful. Also, I want to tell you you reading now: Meet a very interesting interior designer who is very inspiring!

3. Which style of interior design do you prefer the most and why? What is it that inspires you, what style of home can you freely say that it is you?

I can’t opt for just one style, but I’m definitely not a minimalist. Everything must have its place, be clean and tidy, but I really like details, textiles, lots of blankets, lamps. I really like the farmhouse style and of course – the pink color.

Here is one my great post about farmhouse style!

Learn something about how to decorate feed on Instagram

4. How do you find inspiration for such a beautifully decorated feed on Instagram? I really like how each post or image has a magical description. What is your inspiration, what drives you?

Definitely, you should follow her and find great inspiration for your kitchen and of course your home. This is her Instagram account: @ledaboss

I arrange the feed so that the colors are uniform, mostly shades of pink, pastel colors, with minimal deviations through the seasons, and that is why my profile is somehow recognizable. I find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest, with various profiles from all over the world. 😊

Meet a very interesting  designer

Read here on my blog for more interesting articles about farmhouse style! This is really great and very useful.

5. Can we expect maybe some makeover in the near future, I honestly read and I really liked how you did with the piano! And can you tell us a secret, where did the idea for tetra pack houses come from?

Meet a very interesting  designer
This is how look like idea for tetra pack houses
She is totally great with Emily 😀

6. Small taskHow would you decorate the dining room with the help of the following colors: gray, yellow and baby pink?

She would put a gray wall, a white-gray floor, a white table, and chairs in the dining room. On the chairs pastel yellow pillows with white dots, and on the table baby pink tablecloth. 😊

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