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Meet a very different and modest girl who inspired others

Good morning my dear friends, my dear readers. Welcome to 1 January 2021 years, I am ready for the new success. Today, I’ll start with an amazingly great interview. So, my today and first interview this year will be with the topic: Meet a very different and modest girl who inspired others. A very interesting topic isn’t it?! So, why wait let’s began with this amazing article.

  1. Introduce yourself briefly, And try to describe yourself in 4 sentences, I know it’s hard!

My name is Melisa Dizdar (Malovčić). On Social Networks @budi.drugacija. She doesn’t like to talk much about herself, she likes it most when people who know her talk about it to her.
By profession, she is a nurse with a degree in health studies and a social networking hobby.

4 sentences: can there be 4 words:
Communicative, modest, realistic – honest, cheerful

This is her Instagram feed, so why wait let’s follow her, just click here on the @budi.drugacija

2. Can you tell us how you came up with the idea to start an Instagram and YouTube channel? I just see every day that you inspire women, girls, all of us.

Instagram: The idea came quite spontaneously, I got a request for collaboration to take pictures for a famous brand After that I started writing reviews, opening a beauty blog. Another one tied and I’ve been here for 3 years…

YouTube was created also by accident, after my honeymoon I was angry and I sat down to record a story that happened to us. As the video could only last 15 minutes, I had to switch to a larger platform. So after a while, with the support of my wonderful women, I continued filming.

Meet a very different
This is her with her husband, so keep reading this amazing interview with this amazing person.

3. Which style of interior design do you prefer the most and why? What is it that inspires you, what style of home can you freely say that it is you?

Homestyle: I am a very ‘weird’ person when it comes to taste, what at home what clothes. I prefer comfort and practicality in both variants. So with me, you will see all the styles in all spheres, which is sometimes not the best option. But what am I going to do, I like to work differently from others, merging the incompatible makes me happy, said Melisa.

You reading: Meet a very different and modest girl who inspired others

4. How do you find inspiration for such a beautifully decorated feed on Instagram? Can I be free and say that you really are someone who is different, and who has the strong support of women from BiH but also from other countries around the world. What is your inspiration, what drives you?

Inspiration comes from my head, for everyone. It’s hard to explain, I often already have a picture in my head of what I want to photograph or record in some spontaneous and realistic way.

If you want to visit her profile, you can do it now. Just go on the @budi.drugacija and find very awesome inspiration for your new pictures.

As for inspiration and motivation in general, I find the greatest in messages and comments. I have to admit that the women who write to me have become my life motivation and the wind in my back through life.

Meet a very different
This is Melisa’s Instagram feed, she really inspiring women all over the world.

5. Can we expect maybe an ebook or a book with tips on home, fashion soon? How to be different and your own?

As for the book: before the pandemic, I launched a sale, shot an advertisement, and made the products. However, there was no suitable time to publish, so the realization is waiting for some better times.

Wow this is so great, isn’t it? You should try this pose for picture. She inspire all of us.

6. In your opinion, considering that you are in the world of fashion and that you can really do it all, which pieces of clothing will be popular in 2021? Which style can we expect to be the most wearable in the coming year?

In 2021, I expect the unexpected in all spheres! The year 2020 surprised me when it turned out to be completely normal to wear boots and a tracksuit and an elegant coat. So comes a time of comfort and convenience. Merging incompatible colors of styles, materials. These are some of my expectations, and we will see if I will practice them myself.

Meet a very different and powerful girl
Here in this picture, she represents an amazing brand of a phone case, and she is doing really well.
She is really look like a Hollywood star!
Meet a very different
This is her YouTube channel and you should go and subscribe on her channel. Just click here!

7. Finally, tell us something that readers will remember you for and follow you enthusiastically on social media? (it can be a quote, an instructive sentence / thought or whatever comes to mind)

After a long follow-up through a conversation with our wives we always come to the same sentence: be your own, be different!

You reading the wonderful first interview in 2021! And the topic is: Meet a very different and modest girl who inspired others!
Meet a very different
Meet a very different and modest girl

My name is me in every way. I’m not afraid to be different in a sea of the same. Being different means being your own! Do not change due to the circumstances of social networks. So on my networks, followers can expect, reality – a realistic view of life and fun, said Melissa.

I wish you all a Happy New Year 2021 in the hope that it will be better for all of us!


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