Make your small room look bigger with easy tricks

Hello, my dear friends, today on my blog you can read very useful tips. Yeah, you read right, today I’ll share with you easy tips for home. My today topic would be to Make your small room look bigger with easy tricks So, let’s start with these great ideas.

Let’s start with few tips for your small room to look bigger

Tip 1: Use contrast effect: Whats that mean?! If space is yours, in our case a living room of smaller size here is one great tip. Use this effect as follows:

  • Put lighter carpet or laminate in the room, and darker furniture for the upper part. Or just turn around: D
  • Flowers in room– yeah this is so cheep tips, you can use in every your room;
  • White long curtain- with some great pattern or without;
  • Create your focal point- what’s that mean?

T2: What is mean “create a focal pointI know some of us don’t know what is?! This means that in your room you choose what will be the main point.

For example, in the living room, the main point is the table. In the kitchen, these are the tiles and the hood. For the dining area, of course, these are chairs. While for the bedroom it is a bed!

Make your small room

T3: Here’s a picture above. Gray, in a small room, is not ideal if there are no two additional colors. Because it will totally reduce your space than it is. It is therefore recommended to use three colors in the space. You play a little with the base color. Follow the rules 60-30-10. I ran through the articles all last year.

What you can also read on my site about this topic? Let’s see down below!

This is very interesting and useful for everyone!

As I said in one of my earlier articles, the mirror is important. Such as what is recommended in smaller rooms mirror. Because a visual mirror expands your room. In the sense that it looks like there is another room.

Make your small room
In this example, you see how colors affect. Pastel colors are very trendy, especially if you use details such as silver and gold.
In the picture you see that one color can change you whole space.

About colors…

T4: To the end and through all the articles I will remind you that every room deserves to shine in the best splendor. Colors in this case play a big role, and these are pastel colors, white, gray, green mint color. Literally all the colors you can find on my blog.

T5: Styles play a huge role in all of this. I was talking about which styles will be used a lot this year. I will mention some of them again below.

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