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Make your kitchen space look so amazing with pastel

Good morning my dear friends, how are you? So, today I want to present to you my project who I worked on last week for my client. It’s an apartment with two rooms, a kitchen with dining and a modern bathroom. So, my topic for today is: “How to make your kitchen space look so amazing with pastel colors combination

Yes, my client had the idea to make something like an open space between the kitchen and the living room. I managed to complete the whole space and do exactly what she dreamed of.

Make your kitchen space

Let’s explain why and what do you need to do for your kitchen area

Perhaps the title sounds a bit when read as if it is not composed in one volume. But, precisely because of this project, I left it to all of you to enjoy the design, and to give yourself an idea for the title. I love to enjoy your ideas because I am here for you.

Make your kitchen space
This is my kitchen with a dining room area, I use these spring colors to make this small kitchen look visually larger.

It is very important to have a kitchen if you have such a similar room design as in my project. Then you can use my example and make your kitchen more beautiful. In the continuation, I leave you what colors I used in this room, and why?!

  • Pastel green or it can be mint green. Except I chose it because the colors are already very trendy for the kitchen this year. I chose it because in our case the room will make the kitchen more accessible.
  • Peach color – great for chairs or wall color in your kitchen. They especially agree because it is also a pastel color and is associated with the fact that our space is a comfort zone.
Green, whatever shade it is, definitely has a positive effect on our consciousness. It gives us a sense of security and freedom. And we all really need that after an exhausting day, don’t we?!

Since I’m someone who loves different styles, and I try to fit it all in with some dose of certainty. I added this wonderful shelf here in the kitchen. She was completely white, but since white is a neutral color, she would be invisible in all this. So I decided to give her a “life” too. I painted it yellow and light blue/green. It is very important that you fit the color tones in the right way.

Make your kitchen space
I went for the variant when you look at the living room from the kitchen. Which in this case is an open concept with a decorative wall. I wanted the colors to fit in, and create a special harmony because without the colors life would be really sad. Love this idea!

Why I use this concept of the room?!

The owner of this apartment had this part closed, because here where I opened and made a passage there used to be a wall and it was unused. Definitely, when we look at it this way, we have a great idea that this is a functional part.

I did not purposely place any flowers in the kitchen. Because that’s where I “used” the colors in the space itself as a replacement. Of course, no space, regardless of color and size, is adequate without the right lighting. Here you can read something about lighting in the home, and colors how to “play” with them.

When you choose all the wonderful colors, which complement each other. And they make harmony as I already mentioned, you add such a wonderful chandelier and wall decoration. It is very important to stick to your idea because everything in the home creates one good or less good energy. Therefore, I advise you to click here and read more about colors.

Make your kitchen space
In the kitchen, I chose tiles in a parquet pattern, under the kitchen. And the transition between going to doesn’t seem to even exist. Of course, there are little designer tricks. Of course, you can do whatever you want. The doors throughout the apartment are white because white combined with all other colors is top-notch.
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