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Make your kitchen ready for spring trends

Good morning my dear friends, today it’s time to prepare your kitchen for spring. So, I decided to write about this topic! Make your kitchen ready for spring trends, sounds very great, isn’t it?! Why wait let’s start to redesign your kitchen.

What do you need to do, hmm?!

Make your kitchen ready
This is my kitchen, I adore white kitchen cabinets but also this design. It is very clear and easy to maintain. Yes, so if you like my blog and my writing, find me on Instagram as @mr.leohodzic and enjoy with me!

What I especially want to emphasize is that when the preparations for a spring start. We all want to emphasize “that something” in space. Yes, in my case it is of course these wonderful tiles that I personally want to change.

And I have already decided which design. I love the design of terrazzo tiles because they have dots (small details) that are actually colors from our space. More about it, you can read here!

Make your kitchen ready

Today, if you want to decorate your kitchen elements or kitchen, you can do it in a few steps. Yes, just like I said. But let’s start with the kitchen design first. It would be best to design what your kitchen will look like with the help of an interior designer. So you can save a lot of money.

Let’s start with the best tips and tricks…

Tip 1: Start with the lighting first. Yes, the most important thing is to find adequate lighting. For example what my recommendation is, that if you have a window in the kitchen you are not taking too many lumens.

Because if you have a chance to get more natural light in it is better. Of course, to make some extra variant. Choose an extra chandelier or even better recessed LED lighting. Which, when it gets dark, will definitely fix the situation.

T2: Simple and cheap tips for better lighting

  • Buy an LED strip that you will either fix or glue under the upper kitchen elements. The price of this LED strip is from $ 8 to some $ 10. Very simple, and it will make your kitchen luxurious. I’ll buy and try this for myself, so I’ll let you know.
  • If you do not want to change the kitchen completely, there is one already well-known trick. In addition to knowing that you can paint your kitchen elements. You can stick foil on them, and in the form of your design. So you get great color, more brightness, and a new kitchen. The price per square meter of decorative foil in my country in BiH depends on the store.

You can find these crossovers for kitchen elements in several designs and colors. So before the renovation, it is recommended that you start researching on the net now, but if you are given the opportunity, go to home material centers.

If you’ve listened to my conversation with an interior designer, then you’ve heard that you can put colors or elements that have reflective applications. So when you install light bulbs on the ceiling, you get a reflection and a luxurious kitchen. I love this idea, it’s very easy!

What about gold & silver details?

T3: Silver and gold details can best be combined with colors- beige, white, marble, and all other colors. Because most of these details or coatings (such as paint or gloss) can be found very convenient for everyone’s budget.

So imagine an idea, put on paper what you want, find an interior designer who will turn your ideas into what you want. Of course, you can contact me and my friend @zerinazinger for more information.

Make your kitchen ready
Sometimes the details in the kitchen in the form of elements, or the color of the walls or decor. He can’t just replace flowers. Because when you have an important flower or orchid in the colors of spring in your kitchen. Then, realize how wonderful your kitchen is.
Make your kitchen ready

Tip 4: Don’t overdo it with flowers in the kitchen, one to two flowers is enough. Because, it is only there to create that wow effect pleasing to the eyes of visitors.

So, we have one very important detail to mention

You’ve probably once had the opportunity to think about this idea but by no means to finally decide. Now, now is the time to change this. Of course, I’m talking about the kitchen worktop.

I have a kitchen worktop that is in the shape of a cutting board. So that you can cut on it, and it will not be scratched, it has a special protective layer. Honestly, before buying, I “threw myself” in search of that material.

Enough for today, I will dedicate more about this in my eBook that I am releasing in the summer. So for all those who want a complete book, they will be able to provide it for themselves. So, If you want to read more about Make your kitchen ready for spring trends. This is just for you, enjoy it!

For more information and more interesting ideas please be free and email me at And find me on Instagram @mr.leohodzic

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